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Lost Key of the Buddha - The Immortal - Book III

Lost Key of the Buddha - The Immortal - Book III
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The Lost Key of the Buddha
The Immortal, Book III

by J.J. Dewey

- The Continuing Revelation of the Keys of Knowledge -

This is the long-awaited sequel to the Immortal series. Even though it is third in a series, it can be read as an independent entity with much enjoyment.

Chapter Titles

CHAPTER ONE: Back from the Future

CHAPTER TWO: A Look Beyond

CHAPTER THREE: The Mystery of the Middle Way

CHAPTER FOUR: The Encounter

CHAPTER FIVE: Fighting the Invisible

CHAPTER SIX: Finding the Key

CHAPTER SEVEN: Who Do You Think You Are?

CHAPTER EIGHT: Defeating the Dweller

CHAPTER NINE: The Oneness Principle

CHAPTER TEN: The Four Noble Truths

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Eightfold Path


CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Right Livelihood

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: From Pisces to Aquarius


CHAPTER SIXTEEN: The Preparation





CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Dark Motives Explained

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Conversations with John



CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: Approaching the Key


CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: Understanding the Key

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: The Pendulum and the Key


Page 231

Chapter Twenty-Two
Conversations with John

We all stretched and got some fresh air on the back patio before resuming our conversation at the table. "I have one more question about the Dark Brothers," said Elizabeth. "If the Brotherhood of Light wins out on ninety-nine out of a hundred worlds and most people will choose good when light is thrown upon the situation, then why have they been such a problem here upon this earth?"

John leaned forward and replied, "When the people of a world progress enough to develop their astral or emotional body, they enter a stage where they appear to go backwards, by normal deductions, but it is really a part of spiritual evolution. As their emotional selves to develop, their attention shifts to making decisions based on feeling rather than instinct. Because humanity has not yet learned the full use of the mind, the astral life is the only choice for them. Unfortunately, our emotional selves reflect true reality backwards as in a mirror; and when seeing through the eyes of emotion, truth is reflected into something illusionary that seems like truth, but, instead, creates tremendous deception and pain for humanity. This may seem an odd thing, but it serves a grand purpose. Just as with the Keys, so far you have had to learn what is not true before you can appreciate and understand what is true. Even so, humanity has had to do the same. Their long journey through emotional seeing has led them into every possible direction that does not work, until they are now forced to develop higher reasoning and thinking so they can see what does work."

"So what does this have to do with the Dark Brotherhood?" asked Elizabeth.

"Quite a bit," said John. "As this emotional deception begins to manifest upon a world, a window of opportunity opens for the Dark Brotherhood, who have lodges on many worlds. A handful of them then come to the developing world and establish a lodge with the purpose of dominating the whole of humanity so they can extend their lives, and the lives of their superiors, by vampiring and dominating the lives of the emotional populace."

"So where is the Brotherhood of Light when this is taking place?" she said.

"The Brotherhood of Light arrives long before the Dark Brothers, and assists in initiating a self-conscious humanity. For many eons, all of the Brotherhood has been from other worlds, but after a long period of nurturing - when higher reasoning, along with the love aspect develops - they replace themselves with advanced humanity. We are now at the stage where most of the Brotherhood who work directly with humanity evolved from this world. This Brotherhood is composed of two groups. The first are the Masters of Wisdom, who concentrate on removing illusion through higher mind linked with Spirit. The second group is the lords of Compassion, who concentrate on stimulating love in the world. Unlike the permanent inhabitants of Shamballa, who are still from other worlds, these two groups, who are advanced beings from the human race, work directly with human evolution and liberation."

John sat back, took a breath and continued, "There is one important lesson that the Great Ones, who have traveled from world to world, have learned; and that is, you cannot force people to do good. They see to it that humanity is assisted when their consciousness is ready to move ahead; but when it is not they take on the position of a Watcher and wait for windows of opportunity

"When humanity first develops their emotional nature, the Brotherhood of Light has to either work with them in very direct ways or stand aside and wait. The emotional period is a time of opportunity for the Dark Brothers, because in many ways the hands of the Great Ones are tied, and they can only watch and wait. During this astral period of the race, the Dark Brothers are able to take full advantage and control of most of the planet. Their representatives either become gods to the people or false ministers of God. Therefore, because of emotional polarization, the Dark Brothers dominate the various worlds for many ages. For their disciples, it seems as if permanent domination is a sure thing and will continue forever, but the more advanced disciples know better. They know the odds are against them, and have preparations to leave to another young world at the time humanity becomes enlightened. But then, every once in a while, their luck holds out; the people resist the light and complete domination is achieved, as it was on Aeton. When this happens, the best of the inhabitants are moved to another world, and the dark planet is destroyed; however, sometimes just the intelligent life is destroyed and evolution begins again. So, in a word, the principle is this: the Dark Brothers generally dominate humanity at the early part of evolution, and the Brotherhood of Light dominates at the end.

"Throughout the universe this principle of Dominating Good applies. Evolutionary and constructive principles dominate over regressive, destructive ones. The heart of every seeker of truth registers this fact, and causes a hope to burn in his heart which can never be extinguished."

End excerpt.

Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5, 343 pages

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