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Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil
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Lifting the Veil
by Jon Rappoport

One of the most incredible interviews ever on record with David Icke. Jon Rappoport a professional writer and reporter in his on right interviews "the most controversial speaker in the world." Small book, small price, with a ton of information.

New Edition, Larger Print

Excerpt from the chapter
"The Robber Barons"

...it's been the desire by this Brotherhood to make everything uniform, uniform business, education, government, money, because they want one entity which they can then control, one uniform entity.

Living your own truth is the greatest form of rebellion. The more you express your uniqueness and live your own truth and live your own life in the way you think is right, you are actually creating billions of different realities instead of the one the few can control. Suddenly, where do they start? "How do I manipulate this person because he's living this life and he's living that, how do I...

Suddenly you don't have one sheep herd consciousness to manipulate anymore. So we don't need smoke-filled rooms and new political parties. We don't need guns and all this stuff to meet the challenge of withdrawing from this control. We need billions of people to express their uniqueness, recognize their uniqueness, and live it and allow other people to live it. This whole edifice will come tumbling down because we are holding it together. Money is very, very vital to this because it is one of the great forms of control."

160 pages
5 ¼ x 8¼ paperback

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