Historical Reprints History Life of George Washington Commander in Chief of the Armies of the United States of America

Life of George Washington Commander in Chief of the Armies of the United States of America

Life of George Washington Commander in Chief of the Armies of the United States of America
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The Life of George Washington
Commander in Chief
of the Armies of the United States of America

By David Ramsay

The FIRST biography of George Washington, published in 1807

Actively involved in the politics of George Washington's time, the author, David Ramsay, was elected twice as a delegate to the Continental Congress and served as chairman in a specially-appointed post.

This 13-chapter biography was published eight years after George Washington's death, achieving great popularity, and has remained a definitive reference on this most fascinating political figure. A historian and contemporary of Washington, Ramsay writes with authority and colour about George Washington and the dramas around him.


The military establishment for 1782 was passed with unusual celerity shortly after the surrender of lord Cornwallis; but no exertions of America alone could do more than confine the British to the sea coast. To dislodge them from their strong holds in New-York and Charleston, occupied the unceasing attention of Washington.

While he was concerting plans for farther combined operations with the French, and at the same time endeavouring by circular letters to rouse his countrymen to spirited measures, intelligence arrived that sundry motions for discontinuing the American war had been debated in the British Parliament, and nearly carried. Fearing that this would relax the exertions of the states, he added in his circular letters to their respective Governors---

"I have perused these debates with great attention and care, with a view, if possible, to penetrate their real design; and upon the most mature deliberation I can bestow, I am obliged to declare it as my candid opinion, that the measure in all its views, so far as it respects America, is merely delusory, having no serious intention to admit our independence upon its true principles; but is calculated to produce a change of ministers to quiet the minds of their own people, and reconcile them to a continuance of the war; while it is meant to amuse this country with a false sense of peace, to draw us from our connexion with France, and to lull us into a state of security and inactivity; which taking place, the ministry will be left to prosecute the war in other parts of the world with greater vigour and effect.

"Your excellency will permit me on this occasion to observe, that even if the nation and parliament are really in earnest to obtain peace with America, it will undoubtedly be wisdom in us to meet them with great caution and circumspection, and by all means to keep our arms firm in our hands; and instead of relaxing one iota in our exertions, rather to spring forward with redoubled vigour, that we may take the advantage of every favourable opportunity, until our wishes are fully obtained. No nation yet suffered in treaty by preparing (even in the moment of negociations) most vigorously for the field."

RePrinted - First Published in 1807
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