Mysteries Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin
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Let the Games Begin

by Ron Rendleman

Johnny Zoe, ATF super marksman turned Patriot, dares to stand up to the New World Order with nine other brave freedom fighters. This is his finest hour. For this he was created. For this he is willing to die.


Chapter ONE

Johnny Zoe lay up on a ridge on a chilly morning searching the valley below with his binoculars. A small ranch house and a couple of out shacks sat at one end of an expansive desert basin. He had driven all night across country and when he pulled into Red bluff, Texas, he stopped at a truck stop motel, and using the map the motel guy drew for him, found his way to Koontz's ranch.

His best calculation was that the distance from his position to the ranch had to be at least 800 yards. A road emerged from the rugged foot hills to his left, passed near the ranch, then disappeared into the hills to the east. An attack force would have to use the road to access the valley.

The large basin below reminded him of another time in his life when he sat on a hill, a rifle cradled in his arms, looking down at a flooded rice paddy reflecting a bright moon in a thousand little mirrors. And just like the road here, a wide dyke crossed the paddy from left to right.

That was a long time ago in a distant place called "the land of bad things" when he was young and out to prove he was top dog. Ambition got him promoted from tunnel rat, whose haunts were te stench filled, rat infested underground corridors of the Viet cong, to long range marksman. In a short time he had 27 confirmed kills and became known as the "night crawler" because he worked after dark.

End excerpt

Softbound, 5.5x8.5, 215 pages


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