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Invisible Powers : Genuine Mediumship

Invisible Powers : Genuine Mediumship
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Invisible Powers

Genuine Mediumship

Swami Bhakta Vishita

One of the most common mistaken conceptions of the average student of the occult sciences, and of so-called "psychic phenomena" in general, is that which may be expressed by the term "supernatural." This term, as you know, is used to express the idea of "that which is outside of the realm of Nature, and of Nature's laws."

The moment that there appears any manifestation which is possible of being known to, or experienced by, the human senses, ordinary or extraordinary, that moment the phenomena and the immediate cause thereof must be regarded as being properly classed in the category of "natural." This is true not only of such phenomena as are perceived by means of our ordinary five senses, but also of those which are perceptible only to the highest powers of perception, or higher senses, which are latent in all human beings but which are unfolded only in the case of a comparatively few individuals of the race.


The ignorant and unthinking attitude of certain portions of the general public toward this class of phenomena is akin to that of a community of blind and deaf persons, satisfied that their own "three sense" standard is the highest possible one attainable by living creatures and that all variation therefrom must be considered as "abnormal." In such a community there would occasionally be born certain individuals possessed of the senses of sight and hearing, in addition to the common three senses possessed by the entire community. Judging by what we know of the tendency of human nature in such cases, we are warranted in conjuring that the ordinary run of persons in such a community would revile the seeing and hearing individuals as "abnormal," and their possessors therefore to be pitied, and perhaps shunned. Only the intelligent and thoughtful members of such a community would be able to grasp the fact that these exceptional individuals were really not only not "abnormal," and inferior to type, but that they were really "supernormal," and superior to type.

Prejudice Against the Unusual.

Those to whom the above illustration may seem far-fetched, exaggerated, and unwarranted, are asked to carefully consider the ignorant and unthinking attitude which the great majority of the general public, at least at first, present toward that most wonderful display of supernormal powers, known as "occult" or "psychic," made by the few highly developed individuals of the race who are able to manifest them to some degree. These individuals are regarded as "queer," and "strange," "unnatural," and "abnormal" by their ignorant and unthinking neighbors and associates, just as the seeing and hearing exceptional individuals were likewise so regarded by their blind and deaf neighbors in the above illustration. And, here as in the illustration it is only the few intelligent and thinking individuals of the community who recognize that the departure from the standard type is in the direction of advancement and gain, rather than of retrogression and loss-a plus attribute, rather than a minus one. The illustration is startlingly true and in accordance with the facts of the case, as many thoughtful persons know only to well, and admit sadly.

Great Changes Impending

But it would be unjust and unfair to the general public were we to fail to add to the above criticism the fact that there is underway a great change in the public opinion regarding this important matter. More and more persons are becoming interested in Nature's Finer Forces every day; more are becoming more familiar with the phenomena manifested by the gifted individuals possessing these wondrous powers; and more are coming to realize that these powers are really latent in all of the members of the human race, though lying dormant in the majority thereof, and may be unfolded and brought into active manifestation by scientific methods of training and development. But, even so, the student and teacher of this great subject should carefully bear in mind the important distinction above made between that which is "abnormal," and that which is "supernormal"; and such should lose no opportunity in pointing out this important distinction whenever the subject arises in conversation or argument-for the propaganda of truth should be earnestly and vigorously pursued, in order that the world may be liberated from its chains of error.

The Naturalness of the Occult Powers

Returning to the subject considered in the opening paragraphs of this book, namely, the naturalness of the occult and psychic higher powers and the manifestation thereof, we strongly advise all students of these subjects to acquire a working knowledge of the place in Nature occupied by these powers and their manifestations. A little scientific information on this subject will render the student better able to intelligently teach others concerning these matters, and also to successfully defend himself when the ignorant and unthinking seek to attack the things which are so dear to his heart, and so real and evident to himself. Many, by reason of their lack of scientific knowledge on these points, not only fail to make converts to their cause of truth, but often really drive away persons who might otherwise be interested. Many persons are really interested in and attracted to the manifestations of the higher occult and psychic powers, but are fearful of anything "unnatural" or "supernatural," and are disposed to be frightened off by any suspicion of such qualities in things. These same persons, if shown that the phenomena have a perfectly valid scientific base in natural forces and laws, will throw aside their fears and will become earnest investigators and students of this great subject. Hence, as we have said, every teacher and student of this subject should know the true scientific natural basis thereof; and in the following few pages we shall endeavor to plainly, though briefly, present these to you.

The World of Vibrations

Modern science furnishes abundant testimony to support and substantiate the teachings of the ancient Hindu sages to the effect that everything in the Universe is in constant motion, which is manifested by varying rates, degrees, and modes of vibration. The modern scientists, alike with the ancient occultist, knows that the differences between the things of the Universe arise mainly from the different rates, modes, and degrees of the vibrations manifested in the things themselves. If we change the vibration of a thing, we practically change the manifested nature of that thing. The difference between solid ice, liquid water, semi-gaseous vapor, and gaseous steam is simply the difference caused by various rates of vibration caused by heat. The difference between red and blue, green and violet, is simply that caused by varying rates of vibration. Light and heat, as well as sound, depend for the differences upon rates of vibration.

Super-Sensible Vibrations.

Moreover, as every text book on science informs us, there are sounds too low as well as those too high for the human ear to register, but which are registered by delicate instruments. Again, there are colors beyond the place of red, at one end of the visible spectrum; and others beyond the place of violet at the other end of that spectrum, which the human eye is unable to register and detect, but which our apparatus in the laboratory plainly register. The ray of light which registers on the photographic plate, and which causes sunburn on our skin, is too high a rate of vibration for our eyes to perceive. Likewise the X-Rays, and many other of the finer rays of light known to science are imperceptible to the unaided human vision-they are actually "dark rays" so far as the human eye is concerned, though man has devised instruments by means of which they may be caught and registered.

The Higher Vibrations

The vibrations of magnetism and electricity are imperceptible to our sight, though they may be registered by the appropriate apparatus; and if we had the proper sense of apparatus to perceive them, these rays of vibratory force would open up a whole new world to us. Likewise, if we could increase our power of hearing-perception, we would seem to be living in a new world of sights and sounds now closed to us. Reasoning along the same lines of thought, many great thinkers have held that there is no reason for doubting the possible existence of other world-planes of being, just as real and as actual as the one upon which we live, and move, and have our being, but which is forever invisible to the ordinary human sight and senses; the apparent nothingness of such worlds arising solely from the great difference in the rates of vibrations between the two planes of being.

Unseen Worlds.

Listen to what careful thinkers have said concerning the possibility of entire worlds existing in the same space occupied by us, but of which we are unconscious by reason of our failure to sense their vibrations: One says, "All our sensations are due to the impact upon our sense-organs of vibrations in some form. Variations in the strength and rapidity of these vibrations constitute the difference in our perceptions. Our range of response is but a limited one. Some vibrations are too rapid and some too slow to affect our senses, and therefore we have called to our aid various mechanical contrivances which enable us to recognize existences which would otherwise remain unknown. But it is still conceivable that there may be, and doubtless are, conditions of vibratory energy that escape us, and which, if we could develop finer senses, would yield wonderful results and extensions of our power and knowledge. Today, indeed, we are coming into contact with forces, possibilities, and personalities which amount to a revelation of a new universe of things."

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