Spirituality-Religions Spiritual Uplifting Inner Peace: A Guide to Meditation

Inner Peace: A Guide to Meditation

Inner Peace: A Guide to Meditation
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Inner Peace

A Guide to Meditation

By Gillian Young

A human journey that is revealed through the senses presents many challenges along the way. The every day pace of life produces tension, stress and worry for many.

The connection with your higher self and the experience of peace, joy and love in your life is an integral part of living a full and abundant life.

Meditation takes you within, to an oasis where all good. It allows for positive and uplifting energies of Universal Power to integrate within your mind. In this place of all possibility, you will be able to create the future that you want for yourself and those that you love, with much less effort.

One of the greatest benefits of inner peace is the healing effect. This occurs when blockages are removed. These benefits last long after the time spent in meditation. Inner Peace is a practical guide to the how and why of meditation.


"Gillian teaches meditation to clear the mind of the chaos and intrusiveness of the material world."
- Susan Ware (Medical Herbalist)

"I highly recommend this talented and inspiring author to you, and I know that you will be enveloped by her passion as you explore and study the science of meditation with Gillian. This book could very well change your life forever."
- Julie Long

"Gillian's loving words guide us to a place deep within that is filled with beauty and colour."
- Irene Borg ("Yoga in the Forest")

About the Author:

Gillian Young speaks from experience in her life and is acclaimed for her teaching methods. Born in England, she now lives in Port Stephens in NSW Australia where she teaches meditation and pursues her interests in writing, quilting and radio. Gillian is married to Ron.

Gillian's interest in meditation developed from the need to conquer pain and manage stress. Teaching personal development and conflict resolution expanded her knowledge and she was able to see first hand the benefits of meditating.

Since giving up full time work, Gillian has been able to devote more time to set up meditation groups and workshops where her unique methods are taught to participants.

Her book Inner Peace explains her personal techniques for meditation in a way that they can be used and adapted by the reader. Gillian also has produced CDs on the art of meditation.

Softcover, 5" x 8", 125 + pages
Imported from Australia


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