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Incredible Technologies of the New World Order

Incredible Technologies of the New World Order
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Incredible Technologies
of the New World Order

UFOs-Tesla-Area 51

by Commander X

Is There a Joint Alien-Military Plot to Control Humankind?

By Commander X

What is the truth about UFOs and the Coming of the New World Order?

In his latest release the former military intelligence operative known as COMMANDER X, offers startling evidence of a top-secret war being waged by the Secret Government and its allies - both human and alien - against the people of Earth


  • Go inside Area 51's notorious underground bunkers where an alien technology has been developed based upon UFO crashes and "trade deals" with a group of ETs known as the Grays.

  • Discover the potential danger of Tesla's Death Ray which can be aimed at any one of us without any warning or protection.

  • Find out about the existence of HARP, an electronic broadcasting system that is capable of wide spread mind control (even of entire towns).

  • The chapter on Beam Weapons and the New World Order, offers a rundown on the full and incredible array of electromagnetic transmitters currently in use (and more going into operation every year!)

  • This work also includes an "insiders" glimpse into the true capabilities of the New World Order and recent updates on the Philadelphia Experiment, Phoenix and Montauk Projects as well as recent developments in Incredible Technologies of the New World Order, interdimensional manipulation and other conspiracies that will make you incredibly numb.

Page 47-48

Bear in mind that on a spiritual level of existence some of us may have been our own creators, but on a physical biological level, the earth human is an artifact of genetic engineering and genetic manipulation. There are non-terrestrial humans wo have near-perfect genetic breeding and whose life spans exceed our own by at least a factor of ten. They have perfect sight, hearing, and form. They are telepathic and intelligent. We are a poorer model of this same type human.

Other species, perhaps the Grey humanoid, has bred humans and cross-breeds for its own purposes. RH-factor in blood seems to have been introduced by the Grays.

There is a good possibility that Draconian reptoids are another superior species who came to our world in the distant past. Our biblical records mention the ANGELS (Nordic humans) and the SERPENT race (Dracs) as ancient enemies.

These early space visitors not only generated us biological but influenced our social and cultural patterns which we have inherited today. Those institutions created directly by ET races were intended to control our growth and development. These institutions are mainly in the form of government and religion.

End excerpt.

142 pages, softbound, 7 x 10"
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