David H. Lewis Incredible Cities of the Inner Earth (Large Print)

Incredible Cities of the Inner Earth (Large Print)

Incredible Cities of the Inner Earth (Large Print)
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The Incredible Cities of the Inner Earth

By David H. Lewis

From the back cover:

Many Scientific theories that were once based on ancient legends and folklore, concerning a hollowed earth, are rapidly fading from this mythical view point as new evidence now proves those same legends have always been the hardened facts of reality we dared not explore.

Click on Thumbnail for Larger Image Since the discovery of the openings at our North and South Poles by the late Admiral Byrd, expeditions have now been triggered throughout the world to find even more revealing data that could lead them to explore all land openings, in their search for the cities of Utopia buried far beneath Earth's exterior. Aside from such expeditions, our scientists are also concerning themselves with the fact that our earth could not be as solid as previously calculated, and thus, are no longer reluctant to the idea earth could have many hollowed areas.

Ancient Mayan and Aztec maps now lend support in proving these legends accurate, and have pinpointed the seven land openings on our surface, that if explored, would lead one to the almost forgotten civilization that has existed below our surface for more than one hundred centuries.

This book not only changes theories into fact, but goes one step further toward such a reality. Its findings are based on an actual expedition which began in mid April of 1979 that took these explorers on a journey into the many tunnel passages--- that eventually led to the very outskirts of these active inner cities. What they found is now an historic event.


Tuesday, May 15, 1979. Time: 6:30 A.M. This day began as quiet as all those of the past... until 6:35 A.M. Normal conversation and breakfast preparations came to a sudden halt as a muffled sound crept into their section of the passage. At first, it was audible enough to hear over the morning conversation... then by degrees, it increased in volume. Suddenly a loud clap was heard that had all the earmarks of an electrical thunderstorm, but where could it originate from and what under the earth could create such a sound? As the roar of thunder passed through the tunnel passage, heading for the cavern laying behind them, another sound had been triggered from some point miles ahead of them that could only be identified as high frequency, resembling the high C of a violin.

They "hit the deck" of the tunnel floor and remained perfectly still for what seemed like endless hours. The thundering roar could be heard as it entered the cavern and the faint dwindling sounds now became magnified by the giant echo chamber. Instead of one roaring tone, many were heard to a point where the sound location became utterly confusing, and at intervals, it sounded as though it were heading back from whence it came. To make matters worse, the high frequency now began to drown out the roar and was close to ear splitting vibrations. Even with helmets, specially designed ear muffs and plugs, the noise had a way of penetrating the inner ear and pierced the brain like a pointed dagger. I am sure a few prayers were uttered and even a few crosses rubbed. Every man felt fear in every vibrant nerve.

End excerpt.

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