Health-Healing Health Studies How To Terminate Stress With Meditation Strategies

How To Terminate Stress With Meditation Strategies

How To Terminate Stress With Meditation Strategies
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Author Name Maria D'Andrea Solomon


How To
Terminate Stress
With Meditation Strategies

Maria D'Andrea Solomon

This is an exciting book from noted author Maria D'Andrea Solomon that will help every reader to learn how to handle and eliminate stress from their daily lives. Secrets brought from the old world, and updated for the new.


I have been involved in the fields of meditation, metaphysics and tai chi on both the professional and personal levels for over 30 years and find all the journeys in these meditations concise, informative and very valuable.

I urge everyone who reads this work to delve into the passion of self-discovery, balance and wholeness as your life will be surely enhanced on all levels.

Bro. Francis E. Revels-Bey

Sample Page:

Throughout the centuries various techniques, remedies and formulae have been utilized to make lives more positive in all cultures.

Through this method, you can achieve harmony, balance and improve your way of life! You will be happier and more fulfilled when you have been able to control the stress that so many struggle with.

Stress creates problems in peoples lives through unstable sleep patterns, intense jobs that raise blood pressure, long work hours that weaken the body and spirit exposing them to imbalances of all kinds, improper diet, a hectic work schedule, headaches, relationship upsets, feelings of being misunderstood, to name a few.

Turn negative stress around and life will become a positive experience for you.

Even though the meditations are serious and are able to help improve your life, remember to laugh. Laughter is one of the best methods to de-stress.

Utilize these powerful methods that I am giving you to take control and have a bright future.

Love & Light,

120+ pages - 8¼ X 5¼ softcover

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