Ancient Mysteries How To Move Through Space and Time

How To Move Through Space and Time

How To Move Through Space and Time
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How To Move Through Space and Time

Plans for Time Travel Machines that Really Work!

Patricia Ress

Everyone it seems wants to time travel. I have probably received more letters from readers of my books who want to know if I have ever traveled through time and would it be possible for them to -- somehow, some way -- venture out through a "Stargate" of their very own. My response is that in all probability I have been a time traveler without even knowing what I was getting myself into.


It has been proven and it is often times true, that whenever there are two points of resonance a time warp will always occur This can be proven in a number of different ways. For example whenever a person talks to another person over the telephone, and both people are on the same wave length or frequency, time appears to be moving faster or slower. Now the reason for this is due to the fact, that each individual sets up his own point of resonance, and when the 1st point of resonance comes into contact with the 2nd point of resonance a time warn occurs.

Now the process that occurs between two points of resonance can also be described through this simple equation: R1, R2=t. So where (R1) stands for the 1st point of resonance and (R2) for the 2nd point of resonance, then (T) stands for time. Once this time equation has been fully understood, you should be able to build your own time machine, but only for those who approach it with pure intentions. The reason I say this is because, in Chapter 18: Verse 20, Jesus states: for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. So basically if there are two points of resonance Jesus is usually close by.


So what is a vortex?

Vortex's are basically wormholes which interconnect between two points in space, and can be used to transport anybody or anything to any time dimension or parallel universe. Also, there are three kinds of vortex's each having a (+), (-), or (0) polarity. For example, a (+) vortex can send you into the future, a (-) vortex into the past, and a (0) vortex into a present parallel universe.

Among other things, vortexes will also activate on the day of the full moon, right around sunrise, give or take an hour. However, vortexes will activate on other days, but as a rule are not very strong.

I have been told, that when using L-shaped dowsing rods, that if you. can locate a vortex with a (0) point polarity, that a past or future vortex is close by.

Also since vortexes have two points of resonance. They are directly in tune with the Christ consciousness, and since they have a consciousness, they can also be programmed for time travel. The technique for doing this is simple. First of all get yourself a rubbing board or piece of wood, size is not critical, and ask the lord to bless it. Then with some salt water purify the board so that nothing evil will be able to affect it. Then on the day of the full moon right around sunrise, go out to your vortex and while you are stroking the rubbing board with your first two fingers, program the vortex with the following.

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