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Author Name J. Walter Fewkes, Elsie Clews Parsons, George A. Dorsey, Frank Hamiltion Cushing, Walter Hough
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The Hopi

J. K. Perring, Richard A. Proctor,
Arthur C. Mace, Amelia B. Edwards,
Francis Brown, Ambrose Lansing

A collection of researches into the Hopi Tribe of the American Southwest, who are regarded as descendents of the Anasazi.



» Sky God Personations in Hopi Worship
» Growth of the Hopi Ritual
» Hopi Basket Dances
» The Sacrificial Element in Hopi Worship
» Hopi Snake Washing
» The Feather Symbol In Ancient Hopi Designs
» The Alosaka Cult of the Hopi Indians
» Hopi Shrines near the East Mesa
» The Sun's Influence on the Hopi Pueblos
» Hopi Ceremonial Frames From Canyon De Chelley
» Property Right in Eagles Among The Hopi
» Minor Hopi Festivals
» The Butterfly in Hopi Myth and Ritual
» The Hopi in Relation to Their Plant Environment
» Contributions to Hopi History
» Stanley-McCormick Hopi Expeditions


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342 pages - 8½ x 11 softcover

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