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Homeopathic First Aid Manual

Homeopathic First Aid Manual
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Marylyn Moore
ISBN 10: 1610332113
ISBN 13: 9781610332118


Homeopathic First Aid Manual

by Marilyn Moore

Homeopathy has stood the test of hundreds of years of use because it is in accourdance with the laws of nature. It does not use drugs or artificial means for the alleviation of pain or symptoms. It can avert permanent disablility from the effects of an accident or sudden illness, when used at once. There are many homeopathic remedies that can be used for various emergencies, but we have tried to choose as few as possible which cna still be used in many situations. This was done purposely to ease accumulation and storage. These are listed for fast usage when time is of the essence.

We can benefit from long years of in the value of certain remedies following an accident to prevent shock, ease pain, stop bleeding, prevent infection or speed healing.

One primary rule is that if you do not know what to do -- do nothing! The innate healing ability of the body provided by the Creator is often the best treatment, without aid from anything else. However, this book was written for the time when one must help. It is a guideline on how and what to do -- gleaned from long years of use from the time of our forefathers right up to the present.

Throughout this book, doses and remedies are used without listing specific potency. We feel that for a first aid manual, the 6X potency is the one that is preferable. While other suggestions are made for frequency of dose, the rule is do not repeat in the absence of symptoms .. as soon as a patient responds to the remedy, stop giving it. If the symptons return, resume treating. This will be explained further.. .

The remedies in this book are for emergency aid. Very serious illnesses and accidents should be treated by skilled health care professionals unless this is impossible due to disatrous conditions. These non-drug/non-surgical treatments can shorten the duration of the problem and prevent side effects from illness and accident.

65 pages, 5x8 booklet

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