As Above So Below Kabalah Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah

Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah

Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah
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Author Name Elias Gewurz


The Hidden Treasures
of the
Ancient Qabalah

The Transmutation of
Passion Into Power

Elias Gewurz

An exploration into the spiritual side of the Qabalah. The author presents the Qabalah, as a study, meditation, and prayer system that is applicable to any person of any religion.

From the Author:

The Qabalah is the Secret Doctrine of the Jews, handed down throughout the ages by the great teachers to their beloved disciples under the solemn vow of secrecy. In the Twelfth Century, however, the principal text-book of the Qabalah was written down by a very learned Rabbi named Moses de Leon. This book is known as the Zohar, and contains inexhaustible mines of occult knowledge. Priceless treasures of mystic lore are scattered in its volumes, awaiting discovery by the intelligent student. The language of the Zohar, however (the Hebrew Chaldaic), known to a very few scholars only, constitutes the main difficulty in the way of those desirous of studying the Qabalah.

The learned assemblies of olden times, in which the great Masters of Israel held forth their doctrines, have been the original sources of the philosophy of these latter days. Modern Occultism, too, is derived from the same quarters, and should the pages of the Holy Qabalah be accessible some day to the English student, he will be astonished and delighted at the wealth of occult truth he will find in them.

The books of the Qabalah are fountains of living waters and at a time of great spiritual need, as the present is, the strength and consolation offered us through its teachings are doubly welcome.

The greater part of my life has been devoted to this study, and the teachings given out in my books are all based upon this ancient wisdom of the Rabbis


What Is The Qabalah?

The Vessel in which Transmutation Takes Place

The Feminine Elements in Man and their Redeeming Power

The Holy Supper

Spiritual Companionship Between Man and Woman

The Knowledge of God Obtainable Through Love Pure and Undefiled

The Mystery of Time and Space

The Peace That Passeth Understanding

Justice and Mercy

On the Threshold of the Sanctuary

The Light Eternal According to the Qabalah

Regeneration According to the Qabalah

A Qabalistic Prayer

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 100+ pages
Perfect-Bound - 12 point font - Illustrated

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