Her Anal Persuasion

Her Anal Persuasion
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Her Anal Persuasion

Con Demerest

It is not enough to have sympathy for others. One must also have a well developed sense of self protection. For even the most reasonable person, honesty carried too far can be a failing.

In this novel of a youthful widow, confused by her own lust and guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, it is shown that predators are always present to take advantage of the unwary: financially as well as sexually.

Alice was a woman who sought to do right. She didn't want to stray from right. It was to her shame and regret that she succumbed to the sexual temptation of having sex with children, sex which ultimately led her to another perversion, a fat *** in her tight, hot ***.

Confused, bewildered by what was happening to her, she became easy prey for men who make it their business to take advantage of other people who are not prepared to defend themselves. First her economic security is threatened -- and then her personal safety.

This book is a lesson in living. Life is a constant temptation. It is a constant challenge with almost continuous moment by moment decisions to be made regarding it. The individual has the right to make every decision for himself -- but to retain that right it is necessary to be on constant alert.



The boy on the beach was only about 15 years old. This caused Alice's cheeks to flush at the lewd thoughts flitting unbidden through her mind. After all, her own son was nearly that age. She couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of the boy's slightly plump, downy belly.

Just like a ripe peach, she thought. I want to bite that golden fruit.

Horrified at her lustfulness, Alice rolled her petite body over onto her stomach in the warm sand. Her large *** pillowed under the pressure of her body, as her hips did a slow rotation, digging deeper into the sun scorched earth. She couldn't wedge her mind away from the image of the boy's round *** rolling beneath his form-fitting bathing suit as he chased his Frisbee into the water.

Alice rolled back into a sitting position to gaze at the waves and maybe straighten her head a little. It was then she saw a large piece of driftwood in the lapping waves. Getting up ever so slowly, controlling the rise and fall of her hot ***, Alice quietly moved up behind the young boy.

"This is such a beautiful piece of wood and it would look great sitting in my garden," Alice lied to the boy. "It's much too heavy for me to carry. Would you mind helping me get it to my car?"

As the soft young boy turned his clear blue gaze upon Alice's lovely face, she anguished. What am I doing! Nevertheless, her lips parted into a smile when the boy answered shyly that he would be glad to help her.

Alice's seriousness was very much with her on this particular day. However, she didn't feel at all proper. Her nervous condition was getting worse, and Alice was afraid she knew why. Sex seemed to be all she could think about lately, especially with handsome young boys like the one helping her drag the driftwood up the beach. It was as if some evil imp had taken up residence inside her and was forcing her to drool over the alluring bulges in the crotches of every good-looking young boy she saw. Heaven knew she didn't want to. Alice's troubled mind had begun to channel the strong desires of her healthy body toward innocent young boys, for they had always been wholesomely appealing to her. She'd allowed her subconscious mind to trick her into thinking there was no harm in merely lusting after the untried bodies of countless boys, because there was safety in numbers, and never in a million years had she actually intended to do anything about it. Alice was a lady, first and foremost, and she simply hadn't been able to conceive of herself seducing and corrupting the morals of any youngster.

Now she knew that she'd been playing with fire, and she feared she was about to get burned. Her nerves were a tingle. The obscene imp in her head had her conscience knocked down and was happily kicking it senseless, leaving her without a competent mental policeman to protect her against the sudden fit of insane lust which was flaming up within her love starved body.

I've got to get hold of myself! Alice scolded silently as she and the boy dragged the wood close to the car.

5¼ x 8 softcover
192 pages decorated with risque vintage photographs and artwork

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