CD/DVD/Video Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse

Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse

Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse
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Healing Codes
For The
Biological Apocalypse
The Video

Dr. Leonard Horowitz


Could bioelectric technologies investigated during the Cold War provide the most advanced form of killing, enslaving, and coercing billions of unsuspecting people worldwide?

Join Dr. Len Horowitz as he explores more than 2000 years of religious and political persecution by a secret cabal that has waged ceaseless wars, famines, plagues and propaganda campaigns against Earth?s people.

Dr. Horowitz details ancient musical and mathematical codes linked to creation, destruction, and miracles, including the repair frequency of DNA - the genetic blueprint of life.

Learn why fungi and prion crystals, associated with Creutzfieldt-Jakob disease, are most likely being spread through infected grains. Like silicon 'biochips,' they theoretically provide an electromagnetic frequency receiver and internal energy transmitter to enslave, sicken, and control world populations

240 minutes
2 VHS NTSC (US Canada format)


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