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Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling
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Gypsy Sorcery
Fortune Telling

Charles G. Leland

This work contains a collection of the customs, usages, and ceremonies current among gypsies, as regards fortune-telling, witch-doctoring, love-philtering, and other sorcery, illustrated by many anecdotes and instances, taken either from works as yet very little known to the English reader or from personal experiences.


Within a very few years, since Ethnology and Archæology have received a great inspiration, and much enlarged their scope through Folk-lore, everything relating to such subjects is studied with far greater interest and to much greater profit than was the case when they were cultivated in a languid, half-believing, half-sceptical spirit which was in reality rather one of mere romance than reason.

Now that we seek with resolution to find the whole truth, be it based on materialism, spiritualism, or their identity, we are amazed to find that the realm of marvel and mystery, of wonder and poetry, connected with what we vaguely call "magic," far from being explained away or exploded, enlarges before us as we proceed, and that not into a mere cloudland, gorgeous land, but into a country of reality in which men of science who would once have disdained the mere thought thereof are beginning to stray.

Hypnotism has really revealed far greater wonders than were ever established by the fascinatores of old or by mesmerists of more modern times. Memory, the basis of thought according to PLATO, which was once held to be a determined quantity, has been proved, (the word is not too bold), by recent physiology, to be practically infinite, and its perfect development to be identical with that of intellect, so that we now see plainly before us the power to perform much which was once regarded as miraculous. Not less evident is it that men of science or practical inventors, such as DARWIN, WALLACE, HUXLEY, TYNDALE, GALTON, JOULE, LOCKYER, and EDISON, have been or are all working in common with theosophists, spiritualists, Folk-lorists, and many more, not diversely but all towards a grand solution of the Unknown.

Therefore there is nothing whatever in the past relating to the influences which have swayed man, however strange, eccentric, superstitious, or even repulsive they may seem, which is not of great and constantly increasing value. And if we of the present time begin already to see this, how much more important will these facts be to the men of the future, who, by virtue of more widely extended knowledge and comparison, will be better able than we are to draw wise conclusions undreamed of now. But the chief conclusion for us is to collect as much as we can, while it is yet extant, of all the strange lore of the olden time, instead of wasting time in forming idle theories about it.

In a paper read before the Congrè s des Traditions populaires in Paris, 1889, on the relations of gypsies to Folk-lore, I set forth my belief that these people have always been the humble priests of what is really the practical religion of all peasants and poor people; that is their magical ceremonies and medicine. Very few have any conception of the degree to which gypsies have been the colporteurs of what in Italy is called "the old faith," or witchcraft.


The Origin Of Witchcraft, Shamanism, And Sorcery--Vindictive And Mischievous Magic
Charms And Conjurations To Cure The Disorders Of Grown People Hungarian Gypsy Magic
Gypsy Conjurations And Exorcisms The Cure Of Children-Hungarian Gypsy Spells--A Curious Old Italian "Secret"--The Magic Virtue Of Garlic--A Florentine Incantation Learned From A Witch--Lilith, The Child-Stealer, And Queen Of The Witches
South Slavonian And Other Gypsy Witch-Lore.--The Words For A Witch--Vilas And The Spirits Of Earth And Air-Witches, Eggshells, And Egg-Lore-Egg Proverbs--Ova De Crucibus
Charms Or Conjurations To Cure Or Protect Animals
Of Pregnancy And Charms, Or Folk-Lore Connected With It--Boar's Teeth And Charms For Preventing The Flow Of Blood
The Recovery Of Stolen Property--Love-Charms--Shoes And Love-Potions, Or Philtres
Roumanian And Transylvanian Sorceries And Superstitions, Connected With Those Of The Gypsies
The Rendezvous Or Meetings Of Witches, Sorcerers, And Vilas--A Continuation Of South Slavonian Gypsy-Lore
Of The Haunts, Homes, And Habits Of Witches In The South Slavic Lands--Bogeys And Humbugs
Gypsy Witchcraft--The Magical Power Which Is Innate In All Men And Women-- How It May Be Cultivated And Developed-- The Principles Of Fortune-Telling
Fortune-Telling (Continued)--Romance Based On Chance, Or Hope, As Regards The Future-Folk-- And Sorcery-Lore--Authentic Instances Of Gypsy Prediction
Proverbs Referring To Witches, Gypsies, And Fairies
A Gypsy Magic Spell--Hokkani Baso--Lellin Dudikabin, Or The Great Secret--Children's Rhymes And Incantations--Ten Little Indian Boys And Ten Little Acorn Girls Of Marcellus Burdigalensis
Gypsy Amulets
Gypsies, Toads, And Toad-Lore

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 250+ pages
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