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First Americans Mythology

First Americans Mythology
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First Americans

Mythology of the
North American Indians

J.W. Powell

While the author of this books has a degrading view of the simplistic life of the Natve American, and an 'unrealistic' praise of the white man society, he nevertheless provides insightful views of the First Americans' philosophy, religions, supersitions, and lifestyle. Many of us would prefer this simple life again...while many white men would starve if thrown into the clutches of survival life.


In every Indian tribe there is a great body of story lore-tales purporting to be the sayings and doings, the history, of the gods. Every tribe has one or more persons skilled in the relation of these stories-preachers. The long winter evenings are set apart for this purpose.

Then the men and women, the boys and girls, gather about the camp-fire to listen to the history of the ancients, to a chapter in the unwritten bible of savagery. Such a scene is of the deepest interest. A camp-fire of blazing pine or sage boughs illumines a group of dusky faces intent with expectation, and the old man begins his story, talking and acting; the elders receiving his words with reverence, while the younger persons are played upon by the actor until they shiver with fear or dance with delight. An Indian is a great actor.

The conditions of Indian life train them in natural sign language. Among the two hundred and fifty or three hundred thousand Indians in the United States, there are scores of languages, so that often a language is spoken by only a few hundred or a few score of people; and as a means of communication between tribes speaking different languages, a sign language has grown up, so that an Indian is able to talk all over-with the features of his face, his hands and feet, the muscles of his body; and thus a skillful preacher talks and acts; and, inspired by a theme which treats of the gods, he sways his savage audience at will.

And ever as he tells his story he points a moral-the mythology, theology, religion, history, and all human duties are taught. This preaching is one of the most important institutions of savagery. The whole body of myths current in a tribe is the sum total of their lore-their philosophy, their miraculous history, their authority for their governmental institutions, their social institutions, their habits and customs. It is their unwritten bible.


The Genesis of Philosophy.
Two Grand Stages of Philosophy.
Mythologic Philosophy Has Four Stages.
Outgrowth From Mythologic Philosophy.
The Course of Evolution In Mythologic Philosophy.
Mythic Tales.
The Cin-Au-Av Brothers
Origin Of The Echo.
The So-ks Wal-N-Ats.
Ta-Vwots' Has A Fight With The Sun.

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