Historical Reprints History Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin (Large Print Edition)

Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin (Large Print Edition)

Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin (Large Print Edition)
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Egyptian Civilization:
Its Sumerian Origin

Large Print Edition

By L.A. Waddell

With regard to ancient Egypt, two basic questions have puzzled researchers. Namely, the question of origin of the Egyptian Civilization, and the question of the dates of its Kings and Dynasties. The author addresses himself to these questions in detail.

Excerpt from Preface:

In spite of the advances in our knowledge of Ancient Egypt which decipherment of many of the monuments of the old Pharaohs has made possible, two basic questions of the first magnitude still remain outstanding in as great uncertainty as in the days of Herodotus. These are the question of the Origin of the Civilization of the Country, and the question of the Dates of its Kings and Dynasties.

As regards the former, opinions differ as to whether civilization was indigenous or imposed from without. And, although on the whole the tendency is towards belief that the Egyptians, like so many other races both ancient and modern, owed their culture to conquest by more advanced and intrusive peoples, yet who the conquerors were and when the invasions took place has remained unknown owing to lack of evidence on which to base a judgment. And a like absence of evidence as regards chronology has made the dating of the early and most of the later Pharaohs an affair of guesswork, and led equally able and conscientious inquirers to fix the period of Menes and his First Dynasty at dates differing from one another by as much as over two millenniums of years.

In my recently published Makers of Civilization, I showed incidentally the bearing upon Egyptian problems of my collation of the Mesopotamian inscriptions and official King-Lists of the Sumerians (the oldest known civilized people) with the official King-Lists of the Early Aryans of the "Caucasian race" in the Indian Puranas. And in the present work I have sought to meet the requirements and expressed wishes of Egyptologists by supplying them with a statement in full of the new evidence as to the real date and origin of the Nile Valley Civilization and the historical personalities and origin and real dates of its unknown introducers and early developers, disengaged from the extraneous matters with which the subject was necessarily mixed up in the larger treatise. For all the latest excavations in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley, further confirm those discoveries.

What put me on the track of the new evidence was the discovery that a great deal in the ancient Indian Epica and Vedas regarding the early Aryans, hitherto considered fabulous is historic. Comparing the King-Lists of the Early Mesopotamian kings on their inscribed monuments and in the official Mesopotamian King-Lists, I observed that the two records, Early Aryan and Sumerian, are in entire agreement from the First Dynasty, Aryan and Sumerian, Down through the long period of over two thousand years to the opening of the classic Greek epoch in Europe; and that the identity was complete not only in the names, titles, order of succession and exploits of the kings, but extended to such minute details as the names of their consorts and sons, and to the culture, language, writing, religion, symbolism, arts and industries of the peoples over whom they ruled.

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