Economic Pinch

Economic Pinch
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Economic Pinch

By Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

Congr. Lindbergh (father of famed aviator) pioneered in the investigation of the money trusts and in exposing the inherent evils of Federal Reserve Banks. In this rare reprint of his last published book, he outlines the plan for saving America from the clutches of the money interests.

Page 95

Under the Federal Reserve Act panics are scientifically created. The present panic is the first created one, worked out as we would figure a mathematical problem.

After a panic-rather at the tail of a panic-everything has gone to the bottom in price except money. Money is at the very top price. A panic, in all other things and commodities, becomes a boom for money. Money is the one thing in demand by everybody, and nearly everybody throws everything else overboard to get money. Money becomes scarce to most people, for they do not get much for what they sell; besides, most have debts dragging behind them and what tehy7 get goes to pay the debts. It is after a panic has driven every commodity to the bottom and has got farmers, wage workers, the smaller business interests and small speculators all down in the dumps, discouraged, that things are again made ready for a boom.

249 pages, Paper bound

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