Divine Money Spells

Divine Money Spells
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Divine Money Spells

Jump Start Your Spiritual
Economic Stimulus Package

Dragonstar &
William Alexander Oribello

I was Bill Oribello's publisher pretty much from the start. Outside of a few lessons he issued on his own and a couple of small tomes he sent to an organization overseas, we have done pretty much everything within our power to make sure his works continue to receive the distribution they rightfully deserve. And while Oribello is best known for his magickal workbooks and study guides, not many realize that he was also a very gifted medium and channel.

Timothy Green Beckley



Just what exactly is Magick? Unfortunately, there is no single, correct answer to this question. You will find answers as varied as the belief systems which incorporate magical elements and the people who practice within each system.

In seeking a definition of the term, perhaps we should look no further than the most mundane of sources:

"It is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of various techniques as incantations that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature." - Webster English Dictionary

Or we can defer to old philosophers and alleged magicians for meaning. Aleister Crowly defined Magick as:

"The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will."

There is a power in the universe. This power is the inexplicable force behind the wonders that early humans encountered. The Earth, the solar systems, the stars - all that is manifest - is a product of this power.

This power is also within all things. It is within humans, plants, stones, colors, shapes and sounds. This power can be roused and concentrated.

Power is "awakened" and moved through ritual dance or other physical movement; through sounds such as music or chanting; through manipulation of various objects through concentration or magical visualization.

This power can be "programmed" with specific vibrations or energies to affect a specific result. This result is the spell's purpose. It may be to speed healing, attract money or to bring love into one's life. The power is programmed through the magician's visualization or the tools and ritual pattern chosen.

This power can be moved and directed.

That power which exists within humans can be moved to other humans and to places and objects, and also transferred from objects to human beings. It is moved and directed through visualization and with the use of tools such as images, wands, swords, pointed fingers and concentration.

This power, once moved, has an affect on its target. Once this power arrives at its destination, it changes the object, person or place. It accomplishes this due to its specific energies. The method by which the power changes its target is determined during ritual or is left up to circumstances at the time of its arrival.

This, in short, is the rationale of Magick. Many of its practitioners aren't consciously aware of these ideas. Others certainly have different explanations and ideas concerning Magick. However, broadly speaking, the only effective spells and rituals are those that are so constructed that any sufficiently involved magician, properly performing it, will raise energy, give it purpose, direct it toward its goal and affect its target.

170+ pages - 8¼ X 10¾; softcover

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