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Delicate Earth History Science Planet X

Delicate Earth History Science Planet X
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Delicate Earth History Science Planet X

by Mark Hazelwood

From the Author:
The evidence of Planet X and its IMMINENT PASSAGE, plus its entourage's continuing current passages FROM THE ONE SOUTHERLY DIRECTION and impacts on the sun are in the main the cause of:

1. The UNPRECEDENTED SOLAR ACTIVITY we are experiencing now in the middle of what should be the minimum part of the solar cycle. This is primarily due to the electromagnetic interaction with these objects.

2. So-called global warming which is all to do with the suns activity. Mars is experiencing it now too without SUVs being driven there.

3. MAJOR CATASTROPHIC EARTH CHANGES that have accompanied previous passages, which is the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE.

The opportunity to produce another book about Planet X has been given and ceased. Since writing Blindsided the discerning eye brought forth about what to include in this work has become somewhat seasoned. Much revealing and clarifying information has come to light in the last 3 years. Delicate Earth is the resulting historical chronicle of how the subject has progressed. Creating this book could be compared with producing a movie. The researchers, authors, insider disclosures, interviewers, and scientists are the stars of the book. Choosing and weaving their work together as an executive researcher/producer was in part my job as author, along with designing the cover, raising the money for printing, and marketing. My writing is but a minor bit of the book.

The disinfo-crew has helped me greatly in choosing to narrow my focus to the History and Science of Earth and Planet X. What the disinfo crew is most worried about they ignore or attack; namely the science, scientists, researchers, and history. What they offer on their web sites; prophesy, psychics, channeled aliens, outdated and bad science, I excluded. Now there will be no doubt about it. What people do with this knowledge is their business.

As many know there is a wide array of disinformation sites and people out there posing as individuals working to quash the Planet X awakening. It's a huge coordinated undertaking. These disinfo agents can't SEEM TO BE AFFILIATED WITH EACH OTHER. So, most all disinformation sites and people attack each other and don't associate themselves with anyone else to make it appear they are not working together.

Table of Contents:

* Government Has Known Planet X Was Inbound Over 35 Years
* Unprecedented EXTREME Weather/World Meteorological Organization
* Rebel With A Cause: Professor James McCanney
* Sun Currently Interacting with Large Intrusion
* Victoria Canada Astronomers Planet X Aware
* Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
* More of your Planet X knowledge
* Dr. Robert S. Harrington U.S. Naval Observatory Confirms PX
* NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory Images Planet X in 1983
* Russia Begins to Open Up The Planet X Subject to its Public
* The Vatican Observatories
* NASA Further Restricts Access to Solar Flare Research
* Green Berets Black Opps Know of Planet X
* NASA is Fully Aware of Something Big Entering Our Solar System
* Dr. Robert S. Harrington Silenced for his Knowledge of Planet X
* NASA Scientists Building Domes in Arizona
* Business of Journalist; Destroy Truth; Lie Outright; Pervert; Vilify
* Mainstream Media Nothing That Will Pose a Threat to Business
* US Gov't Policy is Secrecy if Evidence of Coming Cataclysm Known
* Much of Science is a Perverted Warped Religion
* We are Responsible We Allow It
* Earth Crust Displacement The Influence of an Agent 00PX
* NASA's Slick Acknowledgment of Planet X Via a Kiddie Page
* New Dawn Magazine Planet with Elliptical Orbit Expected to Pass Earth
* Navy Sub Serviceman & Full Bird Colonel US Air Force Aware of Nibiru
* The Monthly "Shooting Star" NASA Altering Data to Hide Something Big
* Quetzalcoatl is Another Name for a Planet-X-Type object
* NASA Caught Faking Images Again
* Planet X and The Coming Earth Changes
* When A Celestial Object Enters The Solar System
* Main TV News Network in Costa Rica with FULL STORY on Planet X
* American Freedom News Discusses Planet X with Bill McFarland
* Cosmic Catastrophe from Previous Passages of Planet X
* Jupiter Being Perturbed by Planet X
* Past Civilizations Destroyed by Planet X's Regular Passage
* Extinction Events In Australia Coincide With Times of Planet X's Passing
* Ancient Sumerians Planet X REASON for Extreme Climate Changes
* Accounts of Previous Passages of Planet X
* Ice Ages Cosmic Catastrophes That Resulted in Pole Shifts
* Ancient History & Archeological Evidence For The 3600-Year Orbit of Planet X
* Triple Doctor Planet X 100% Confirmed Via Live Hubble Telescope Link
* Cosmic Catastrophism is Real By Sherwood Ensey
* THE LIST Untrue Statements Promoted by US Government
* TV Show "In Search Of" Polar Shift Caused by a Rogue Planetary Object
* Researcher Confirms Planet X from Nuclear Scientist and Pentagon Officer
* Passage of Large Celestial Object Only Mechanism
* Russia's Largest Observatories Sight New Planet Approaching Earth
* Government on a Crash Program to Get Ready for Planet X and It's Entourage
* "The Assessment" Classified Military Doc. "Soon Terrible Earth Changes"
* Planet X Books Suppressed by Powers-That-Be
* Disinformation a Telling Piece of Evidence
* Ancient Underwater Ruins
* Columbia Shuttle's Main Mission Was Watching a New Incoming Object
* NASA Speculates 10% of the Population (about 600 million) May Survive
* Government Tracking Wormwood That May Cause Great Upheavals
* Gnosis Aware Astronomers Sighted Hercolubus (Catastrophic Monster)
* VLA Workers Know of Planet X Not Supposed To Talk About It
* Planet X Warnings from Higher Sources
* Zacharia Sitchin Privately Knows The Time Is Now for PX's Return
* Planet-X, Comets & Earth Changes a New Large Planet/Comet Arriving
* Proof of Binary Solar System
* More PX Size Extra Solar Bodies Coming At Least 4 Passed Last Decade
* Earth not Singled Out The Solar System Changing Russian Perspective
* Interview James M. McCanney By Rick Martin THE SPECTRUM
* FEMA Gearing Up for Mass Destruction Trigger Mechanism PX Comet
* Planet X Pass Within 20 Million Miles Would Wreck Unimaginable Havoc
* Planet X: Events Signaling its Approach by Steve Quayle
* Full point reduction in the Earthquake Richter Scale
* Some Quakes Downsized or Not Reported by USGS
* Truth Would Destabilize the Government's and the Economic Markets
* A Short List of Planet X Related Reference Material
* US Land Based Hurricane
* An Insider Gives an Overview/Warning
* Timing Planet X Then When?
* What The Pope Said About This Up Coming Event?
* No Fear
* Blindsided: Planet X Passes EARTHCHANGES New updated edition

Softbound, 7x10, 217 pages

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