Spirituality-Religions Spiritual Uplifting Cry of the Eagle : Toltec Teachings Vol 2

Cry of the Eagle : Toltec Teachings Vol 2

Cry of the Eagle : Toltec Teachings Vol 2
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Cry of the Eagle
The Toltec Teachings - Volume 2

by Theun Mares

The first part of the book shows how you can use the warrior's techniques to overcome your challenges and build your self-belief.

The book's chapters on dreaming are of great value to anyone with an interest in the study of dreams and dream interpretation. They include how to set up Toltec active (lucid) dreaming, the different types of passive dreams, many examples of dream interpretation, and a full list of Universal Dream Symbols. They represent a fascinating and practical guide, as well as an important reference work on dreaming.

From a Toltec perspective, questions relating to the role and purpose of dreaming, can only be answered if dreaming is viewed within the context of an overall framework. To this end, the chapters that precede those on dreaming address such issues as, "What is life?" "Death - its nature" and "What are dreams?".

The Chapters on Dreaming Include:
* The Technique of Dreaming: A description of Toltec active (lucid) dreaming, and how to achieve this state, safely and effectively.
* Passive dreaming, including the different types of passive dreams.
* A Guide To Dreaming: Including how to work with dates and time.
* A List of Universal Dream Symbols (download below)
* Examples of dream interpretation for both active and passive dreams.

Cry of the Eagle is an invaluable book, not only for students of the Warrior's Path, but also for anyone with a serious interest in the study of dreams, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation.

Topics include:
The nature of awareness, intelligence and consciousness. The roles of our minds, feelings and emotions. The origins and nature of masculinity and femininity, and how they relate.

The process of death. Life after death. Ghosts.

Understanding the concept of the dreamer and the dreamed. An overview of cosmology, including such topics as the essential constitution of man and the universe. The nature and use of energy fields. The 10 dimensions and their different properties. The interrelationship of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

Excerpt, Page 240

---Transformation implies the elimination of that which is undesirable, but as we already know, it is not really possible to eliminate anything from the island of the tonal. What then does transformation actually entail?
The term 'transformation', as understood by Toltecs, is perhaps the most exciting, but at the same time, most radical concept of the Toltec tradition.


Realise that before we consciously commence the process of transformation we are the sum total of everything that happens to be on our island of the tonal. The only way to change this is to transform the island of the tonal. As we saw in Return of the Warriors, this entails having to rearrange every item that goes into making up the features of the island. However, in doing so it must be remembered that there is no way in which we can eliminate anything from the island. Nonetheless, if we look at the island of the tonal carefully, we quickly enough realise that the features of the island are in fact composed of everything we have inherited or borrowed from others by virtue of our social conditioning. It therefore stands to reason that in order to change the landscape of the island, we must eliminate all the foreign objects that do not belong there. In other words, we must eliminate the effects of social conditioning.

Such elimination is a radical change, and so much so that the old tonal must figuratively die. It is utterly impossible to keep the old tonal alive when one gets rid of all the stuff that does not really belong to the island. The old tonal can only exist when it has everything which constituted it in the first place, in much the same way that of a log of wood is only a log of wood whilst we leave it undisturbed. The moment we transform that log of wood into a chair, it is no longer a log of wood, but a chair. In the process of transforming the log into a chair we also eliminate all those bits and pieces of the log which do not form part of the chair. This, however, implies that the fate of that log of wood is to be a chair - a concept which is of vital significance in the technique of transformation, or erasing personal history.

All of us have exactly the right tonal we need in any one particular lifetime, and upon this island of the tonal is everything we need in order to meet our challenges, and fulfil our fate. The problem arises in the fact that, because of people's social conditioning, they have added so much unnecessary junk to the island, that they never know what their real tonals should be. However, not knowing who or what we really are is never an insurmountable obstacle, provided that one is convinced of the fact that one wants to change, and accepts the fact that such a change must be a total transformation.

If we accept this, then we will also be prepared to put in the required amount of effort in trying to live like a warrior. In the final analysis, this is all that is really needed. In struggling to live like a warrior, one quite automatically applies the various techniques to one's daily life, and without even fully realising it, one begins to live the teachings in order to cope with one's challenges. In living the teachings one invariably gets caught up in them, and consequently one thing will lead to another, until finally the teachings and the techniques are no longer something which we are trying to apply, but have become instead a new way of life. That is all that is required. The processes of transmutation and of transformation will then take place seemingly of their own accord, and bit by bit one's true tonal begins to emerge.

hardcover, 6 x 9", 415 pages

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