Spirituality-Religions Christianity Exposed Cross-Examination : Christianity on Trial

Cross-Examination : Christianity on Trial

Cross-Examination : Christianity on Trial
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Christianity on Trial

by Malcom Ross

The information presented in this book deals with a landmark Freedom of Expression case. It began as a Human Rights Board of Inquiry and progressed through the legal system from the Court of Queen's Bench and the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. It is presently under investigation by the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations at Geneva, Switzerland.

The reader will discover the evidence upon which Malcolm Ross was judged, and how a powerful lobby exerted its tremendous influence to ensure that his Christian perspective of history and theology would be quashed. Perhaps the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada and its spurious reasons may give pause to reflect upon the words of our National Anthem in praise of "the True North, strong and free." Are we indeed free? Or is the freedom so many purport to enjoy an illusion which may soon be exposed as a hoax? It is the compilers' wish that this book may stimulate a reassessment of what freedoms we actually do have, and will lead some to strive for the restoration of our ancient liberties which sprang from our Faith and Heritage. May we be enbued with the spirit which inspired the authors of the Scottish Declaration of Independence to proclaim, 'We fight not for glory nor for wealth nor honours; but only and alone we fight for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life.'

Introduction and Background Information, Page 9

"As was suggested at the hearing conducted by Justice Miller, the Human Rights legislation should be able to engage in 'corrective' remedies---

"George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four gives us insights into the evils of unrestricted controls. Whether it is the Human Rights Commission or the 'Ministry of Love' matters little. Any governmental body which purports to limit our freedom to think and publish our thoughts can eventually coerce us into accepting that two plus two is five---

"My lords, the Human Rights Commission does not like my Traditionalist Christian views, so they want a chance to somehow prove that these views make me an unfit role model. Obviously, in their thinking, the only thing that matters in the role model field is that no one questions certain Zionist groups, or defends the Christian Faith publicly. As is stated in (the novel) Nineteen Eight-Four. 'Whatever the Party holds to be truth IS truth.' Perhaps 'Party' could be replaced with 'Human Rights Commission'! The 'Ministry of Love' denied punishing people, but it still destroyed them; destroyed their ability to think or reason apart from the Party. Could that not be termed 'corrective' legislation?"

"My lords, --- I believe the granting of this appeal could be interpreted as outlawing the religious freedom of Traditionalist Christians to openly defend the doctrines of the historic Christian Faith. It is because of these beliefs that I have been accused by David Attis of writing books that are 'anti-Jewish, racist, discriminatory, and bigoted.' It was because of these writings which reflect my sincerely held religious beliefs that David Attis has laid a complaint against my employer through the Human Rights Commission. It also appears evident that the Human Rights Commission is supporting David Attis' views in this matter.

"My lords, I claim the right to hold and publish my privately held religious beliefs as a right under Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I will not use this court as a forum to defend or expand upon my belief in the Historic Christian Faith and the Kingship of Christ in Society. However I will express my concern that my right to hold and publish these views is being challenged, and that this challenge is jeopardizing my career and is bringing unwanted publicity and expense to my employer. It is also disturbing to me that this challenge is being promoted by the Human Rights Commission, a body which should be defending my rights."

Softbound, 6x9", 272 pages

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