David H. Lewis Cities of the Deep

Cities of the Deep

Cities of the Deep
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Cities of the Deep

by David H. Lewis

The seventh book of the mysterious David H. Lewis, (author of Mysteries of the Pyramid) was located in fall of 2000. This book has been scanned and is available for the first time in many years, in both a comb-bound edition and perfect bound.

The author, having spent countless months searching through hieroglyphics, Naval records, ancient scrolled manuscripts, and ships logging, now brings to light one more haunting phenomenon from the archives of an explorer's heritage. It has long been a seaman's nightmare that demons possess many areas of our ocean, with concentrated thought aimed at our Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearances occurring over these hundreds of centuries.

The documentations that have been collected over the past decade, point not only to vanished ships and planes of our present era, but begin prior to Adam and Eve in 4,000 B.C. Eerie and mysterious lights from the depths of the Atlantic were noticed by oceanic travelers and explorers for countless centuries, but more recently noticed and spasmodically recorded since Columbus's crossing in 1492. Documented accountings from deep sea divers, Bathscape explorers, and oceanographers lay claim that depth soundings indicate a giant raised plateau buried far beneath the surface, that stretches from the west coast of Africa to the eastern coast of Bimini and the islands of Bermuda, is that of Atlantis, and remains active.

Loggings clearly indicate many strange and frightening experiences that have baffled scientists for more than a decade. Many reports intimate light beams piercing the surface from great depths, lights near the surface that pass with speeds exceeding 200 knots, phosphorescent fog banks that engulf a ship or plane minutes before vanishing, unusual lights from dome shaped objects within the ocean's sediment, and glowing rays that raise ships or yachts out of the water.

This book is designed to enlighten you on these mysteries, yet it does not solve all occurring phenomenon of our oceans. There is however, strong indications that "Cities of the Deep" have existed before the chaos of Atlantis and are still continuing their activities into our present datings.

5.25 x 8 - Trade Paperback

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