Spirituality-Religions Beyond Christianity Celestial Telegraph Vol. 2

Celestial Telegraph Vol. 2

Celestial Telegraph Vol. 2
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Celestial Telegraph

Secrets of the
Life To Come
Revealed Through Magnetism

Volume 2

By L. Alph. Cahagnet

"Death is but one of the hours of our dial, and our dial must turn for ever." ~SAINT MARTIN.

The object of this work is not a desire to create or annihilate such or such a system to favor any particular religion or creed, more or less prominent in our age; its sole object is to commune with men who, like me, seek the truth with all the strength of their soul, Pursue the track wherein I believe it to be, and you will find it. Be prudent; admit, reject nlaught without mature examination, and what you do not comprehend never proclaim to be impossible!


Somnambulism, ecstasy, promoted by magnetism, are the only means of attaining the ends I have proposed to myself; any other state, effected by the ordinary means of narcotics, leaves the' individual too much dependent on the resources of his belief, the influence of desires, and naught but very suspicious results are obtained. If, on the contrary, divers subjects, taken among all the conditions of civilized life, are directed by men who have no other object but that of procuring information, the results will be more complete;- and why? because the isolated ecstatic is like unto a frail skiff on a boundless ocean, having no decided course; the account that he will give of his voyage will portray the ensemble of the picture he has seen, without describing its parts; if he is conducted by a will stronger than his own toward a proposed object, we shall arrive at the truth.

Once in this track, it would be wrong in us to be stopped by the desire of knowing, comprehending, and defining the existence of God; to doubt him, would be to erase one's self fiom the list of reasonable beings; to demonstrate him, would be to suppose him Incapable of doing so himself; to speak of his goodness, his justice, that is but right! but of his wrath, that would be assimilating him to ourselves; to give him the form of the sun, of a man, of a tortoise, of vegetables, would be to repeat a multitude of systems, all of which do but end in keeping our language in an eternal movement, and demonstrate how foolish man is to wish to explain what he can not rationally and mathematically comprehend; we will restrict ourselves to the confession that, before explaining God, we should wish to be able to, explain ourselves.

The word God, or Jehovah, designates a being to whom we attribute the innumerable mysteries surrounding us!a thinking being, the author of all, the central focus toward which all beings gravitate, and to which all are indebted for being what they are. This ought to suffice us. Immersed in these explorations, we will not imitate prophets or their commentators, who have written only for a few, whose intelligence more or less expanded, alone profited by their writings. No symbolical, cabalistical, or mystical figures;- such is not my purpose. I desire, if possible, to say to all beings: "

This work will offer you the proof of a better world than ours, wherein you will live after having left your body in this, and wherein a God, infinitely good, will reward you a hundredfold for the evils it was profitable for you to suffer in this world of grief. I am about to prove to you that your relations, your friends, therein await you with impatience; that you can, although on this globe, enter into communication with them, speak to them, and obtain from them the information you deem fit; to effect this, deny not the existence of the soul, or at least strive conscientiously to obtain the proofs you desire; by somnambulism you may have as many as you please."

I can not pass over the word soul without addressing these questions to-whomsoever believes not in its existence.'What man of sense is there who can answer that there is not a being within our body that seems separate from it, although intimately united to it?

This self that responds to the least desire of reason, this mover, this mother-thought, around which are grouped the thousand-and-one tlhoughts colnstituting our whole existence, something that invariably says to us: " I am here, I exist with you, I a aa unity for you and a fraction for the mass; in my unity, I am as complicated as the mass. I am termed soul, spirit, mover, essential part of God, without knowing positively the nature bf my essence; whether I be matter in its most ethereal life, or a luminous substance apart, I am the slave of this matter but for a moment in eternity, I undergo its laws only because I am identified with it through necessity; whether I be of its nature or another, there nevertheless comes a moment when I separate from it: what represents death, restores to the earth the atoms which the body borrowed from it, and I restore to space the particle of spiritual substance of which I am formed.

I, immortal child of eternity, a traveller halting for a moment on this petty heap of dust, return to my vast domain never more to quit it, and there enjoy the properties with which my Creator has endowed me. "

If matter had me not to animate it, to think in it, and cause it to act, this body, which would be but a compound of material fluids and molecules, according to your philosophy, could be set in motion by'the harmony of these same fluids. When I quit the body, with the combinations possessed by chemistry, physics, and medicine, why do they not succeed in reharmonizing these molecules, and restoring to them existence!

Galvanism has succeeded in setting in play the nervous mechanism after I had abandoned my envelope; but there stops its power; thought, my inseparable property, can only be communicated by myself; myself, alone. I am the grand ]ever that can cause all these organs with whose ramifications I am acquainted, to perform their functions; no motion can replace me-think and act for me! Wherefore? Because I am the life; because I am an individualized thought, and protected by my Creator. I alone can be this self, this spirit, this soul! which can no more end than the nature of its substance, which is whatsoever is!

Because you can not see me or touch me with your material organs, you say that I am not a being apart, a power apart.."

Were it necessary to admit only what your material organs can see and touch, you might deny thought, speech, electricity, galvanism, sympathy, antipathy, attraction, repulsion, the properties of the loadstone, in short, the aggregations of the three kingdoms, from the ethereal molecule in which are found the principles of the diamond, to that of the plant and the animal! How many things, however, exist which the eyes see not, or the hands touch; we can not, in the presence of the effects, deny the causes which we know not how to explain.

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