Ancient Mysteries Celebrated Crimes -Set of 8 Volumes

Celebrated Crimes -Set of 8 Volumes

Celebrated Crimes -Set of 8 Volumes
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Complete Set of 8 Volumes


Dumas's 'Celebrated Crimes' was not written for children. The novelist has spared no language-has minced no words-to describe the violent scenes of a violent time.


The contents of these volumes of 'Celebrated Crimes', as well as the motives which led to their inception, are unique. They are a series of stories based upon historical records, from the pen of Alexandre Dumas, pere, when he was not "the elder," nor yet the author of D'Artagnan or Monte Cristo, but was a rising young dramatist and a lion in the literary set and world of fashion.

Dumas, in fact, wrote his 'Crimes Celebres' just prior to launching upon his wonderful series of historical novels, and they may therefore be considered as source books, whence he was to draw so much of that far-reaching and intimate knowledge of inner history which has perennially astonished his readers. The Crimes were published in Paris, in 1839-40, in eight volumes, comprising eighteen titles-all of which now appear in the present carefully translated text. The success of the original work was instantaneous. Dumas laughingly said that he thought he had exhausted the subject of famous crimes, until the work was off the press, when he immediately became deluged with letters from every province in France, supplying him with material upon other deeds of violence! The subjects which he has chosen, however, are of both historic and dramatic importance, and they have the added value of giving the modern reader a clear picture of the state of semi-lawlessness which existed in Europe, during the middle ages. "The Borgias, the Cenci, Urbain Grandier, the Marchioness of Brinvilliers, the Marchioness of Ganges, and the rest-what subjects for the pen of Dumas!" exclaims Garnett.

All eight volumes at great cost savings.!

Volume 1 The Borgias

Volume 2 Massacres of the South

Volume 3 Mary Stuart

Volume 4 Urbaine Grandier- Countess de St. Geran-Martin Guerre

Volume 5 La Constantin-Dueres-Marquise de Ganges

Volume 6 Joan of Naples-The Cenci-Vaninka

Volume 7 Ali Pacha-Marquise de Brinbilliers

Volume 8 Muret-Karl Ludwig Sand-Nisidi-Man in the Iron Mask

(Note: The original sequence of the stories have been re-ordered to keep the volumes approximately the same thickness.)

Softcover, 5 x 8, approx 2000 pages All 8 Volumes


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