Beyond Reality Mysteries Explored Call Goes Out : Messages From The Earth's Cetaceans

Call Goes Out : Messages From The Earth's Cetaceans

Call Goes Out : Messages From The Earth's Cetaceans
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The Call Goes Out
Messages From The Earth's Cetaceans

by Dianne Robbins

"We are the Cetaceans, your oceanic brothers and sisters, here to work along with you to preserve and care for our home on earth. We are here in our full consciousness, waiting patiently for Earth's children to bloom into the caretakers you were meant to be. We are all connected as one."

The Call Goes Out is a series of messages channeled from the cetacean species - whales and dolphins. This book graphically spells out why they are here on Earth, how they work with extraterrestrials, and how we humans are interfering with their mission. They make an impassioned plea for us to stop whaling and cease using fishing nets, and also to free whales and dolphins in captivity. Readers will have their eyes opened to the rich culture and family life of another intelligent species on this planet.

The Call Goes Out is a simple, direct plea from the heart to stop killing those who are trying to help us.

"Dianne Robbins, in her transmissions, courageously brings forth the essence of the magnificent intelligence of the Cetaceans; their compassion, humor and profound act of self-sacrifice. This is a book which is bound to deeply touch all those with the open hearts and minds to receive this information, and then act upon it." - Timothy Wyllie is the author of Dolphins, ETs & Angels and co-author of the international bestseller, Ask Your Angels.


Page 108:

Silica changes cells into light

We thrive in the oceans while you suffocate on land. The oceans supply us with all the oxygen we need to maintain our full consciousness and light bodies, while you on land are deprived of this vital source necessary for regeneration of your light bodies. Oxygen is the key to the ascension! The more oxygenated foods you eat, the quicker you'll turn into light. Oxygen is found in all fresh organic fruits; and lettuce contains silica which changes your cells into light. So breathy deeply of fresh country air and drink fresh purified water, and you'll find your clarity of thought and peace again.

Page 46:

We intercept radio & TV stations/
Mother Earth moans from pollution/
Deaf Ears plugged into rock stations and TV night and day

We are the Cetaceans. We live a grand and diversified life in Earth's oceans. We have huge gatherins this time of year for it is springtime, and we assemble together to share news from all corners of the Earth. We keep up to date on all Earth's activities and follow the "headlines" just as you do. Although we don't read the newspapers for our information, we tune into the "light grids" and pick up the information from the thought waves as they are broadcast out. We are able to read your thoughts, and we intercept the radio and television news stories as they leave the stations. This way, we have first hand news.

We're also able to hear our dear Mother Earth as she moans from the weight of pollution stored in and on her body structure. She, too, calls out to all humans to be sensible in their consumption and waste disposal practices. But, alas, her groans fall mostly on deaf ears, ears that are plugged into rock stations and television stations night and day, leaving no air space for her or other life forms to communicate with you.

It is a great disaster when human beings close themselves off from their universe to focus only on one or two stations when there are hundreds and indeed millions of broadcasting stations coming from our home universe, all eager to connect and communicate with humans on Earth.

End Excerpt.

6" x 9", softbound, 150 pages

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