Science Mysteries Time Travel Black Sun, The : Montauk Nazi-Tibetan Connection

Black Sun, The : Montauk Nazi-Tibetan Connection

Black Sun, The : Montauk Nazi-Tibetan Connection
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The Black Sun:
Montauk Nazi-Tibetan Connection

by Peter Moon

The Black Sun continues the intriguing revelations readers have come to expect from Peter Moon as he digs deeper than ever before into the mysterious synchronicities that have made his work so popular.

After World War II and the subsequent occupation of Germany, Allied military commanders were stunned to discover the penetrating depth of the Nazi regime's state secrets. The world's best intelligence organization was not the least of these revelations. Also discovered were massive and meticulous research file on secret societies, eugenics and other scientific pursuits that boggled the imagination of the Allied command. Even more spectacular was an entire web of underground rocket and flying saucer factories with an accompanying technology that still defies ordinary beliefs.

A missing U-boat fleet possessing the most advanced submarine technology in the world left many wondering if the Nazis had escaped with yet more secrets or even with Hitler himself.

Behind all of these mysteries was an even deeper element: a secret order known to initiates as the Order of the Black Sun, an organization so feared that it is now illegal to even print their symbols and insignia in modern Germany. The Black Sun probes deeper into the secrets of the Third Reich and its Tibetan contacts than any other previous attempt.

The Black Sun is an adventure in consciousness that reveals a vast array of new information. From the German flying saucer program to the SS mission into Tibet, we are led on a path that gives us the most insightful look ever into the Third Reich and the holy relics they sought in their ultimate quest: the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Going beyond The Spear of Destiny and other attempts to unlock the mysterious occultism of the Nazis, Peter Moon peers into the lab of the ancient alchemists and their white powdered gold in order to explain the secret meaning behind the Egyptian and Tibetan "Books of the Dead".

Author Peter Moon ties all of these strange associations to Montauk Point, where an American military facility was used by the Nazis to further their own strange experiments and continue the agenda of the Third Reich.

    Table of Contents


    1 Montauk - A Nazi Rendezvous
    2 An Inside Connection 3 the Cameron Connection
    4 The Cameron Lineage
    5 The Kennedy Connection
    6 Teutonic Heritage
    7 The House of Orange
    8 Lion Gardiner & the Witch
    9 Project Paperclip & the Hamills
    10 The German Connection
    11 The Secret of Judah
    12 Dr. Felix
    13 The Fuhrer
    14 Hitler Alive!
    15 Reich Leaders Escape
    16 Otto Skorzeny
    17 The Arab Connection
    18 The Mysterious Origins of Thorn E.M.I.
    19 Thule
    20 The Power of Vril
    21 The Vril Saucers
    22 The Brookhaven Connection
    23 In the Aftermath of War
    24 Neuschwabenland
    25 The OSS in Tibet
    26 The SS in Tibet
    27 The Tibetan Connection
    28 The Bon Religion
    29 The Mon
    30 The Shensi Pyramids
    31 The Ark
    32 White Gold & Occultum
    33 The Blue Race
    34 The Curse of the Mummy
    35 Crowley

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding,
photos of Nazi UFOs and illustrations with index.

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