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A CBS Insider Exposes
How the Media Distort the News

by Bernard Goldberg

The "Hottest Book in the Country"!

Even if you've suspected your nightly news is slanted to the left, it's far worse than you think. In this jaw-dropping exposé, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg reveals a corporate news culture in which the close-mindedness is breathtaking, and journalistic integrity has been pawned to liberal opinion.

In his three decades as a reporter and producer at CBS, Goldberg repeatedly voiced his concerns to network executives about the often one-sided nature of the news coverage. But no one listened to his complaints -- or if they did listen, they did nothing about the problem. Finally, Goldberg had no choice but to blow the whistle on his own industry, to break the code of silence that pervades the news business. Bias is the result.

As the author reveals, "liberal bias" doesn't mean simply being hard on Republicans and easy on Democrats. Real media bias is the result of how those in the media see the world -- and their bias directly affects how we all see the world. In Bias, the #1New York Times Best-seller, you'll learn:

  • How, on controversial issues, reporters simply regurgitate the propaganda of liberal pressure groups they favor

  • The sacred but unspoken code of loyalty that makes the "News Mafia" not unlike the real one

  • The Peter Jennings test for classifying politicians -- and how all the networks do it

  • The network color bar -- why so many "victims" on network news stories are blond-haired, blue-eyed, and middle class

  • Why one high-level executive CBS News executive told Goldberg that of course the networks tilt left -- but in the next breath said he'd deny the conversation ever took place if Goldberg went public

  • One of the biggest stories of our time -- and why you probably didn't hear about it on the evening news

  • How political correctness in network newsrooms puts "sensitivity" ahead of facts

  • How newsroom "diversity" covers gender, color, sexual orientation -- everything except point of view

  • Anti-Christian bigotry: how media elites engage in it routinely behind the scenes (Example: the CBS producer who called Gary Bauer "the little nut from the Christian group")

  • The real reason media elites are "hopelessly out of touch with everyday Americans"

  • Why media liberals honestly think of themselves as "middle of the road" -- and everyone to their right as extremists

  • How the gay lobby enlisted its allies in the media to foster the myth of a heterosexual AIDS epidemic, to spark demand for massive government AIDS spending

  • How the media twisted (when they didn't simply ignore) a major government study that found day care bad for children

  • "Liberal Hate Speech": dozens of outrageous quotes from media notables, revealing their shameless bias and frequent stupidity

  • On 9/11, the media were at their best reporting the attacks. But a subtle bias pervades their efforts at explaining them

  • How, in the minds of the media, "when liberals rant it's called free speech; when conservatives rant it's called incitement to terrorism"

  • How shows like 60 Minutes and 48 Hours manipulate documentary footage to give their stories a liberal slant

  • The real Dan Rather -- a man who regards criticism of liberal bias as treason

  • Case study: media coverage of the "homeless" problem before -- and after -- Bill Clinton became president

  • How Goldberg's professional life "was turned upside down" when he first wrote about liberal media bias in a 1996 Wall Street Journal op-ed

  • How Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw tried to smear Goldberg as a "right-wing ideologue" -- though he had never voted Republican!

  • BONUS: Complete texts of the op-eds, plus samples of congratulatory mail about the op-ed from secret sympathizers within the news industry

If you ever suspected the network news was shortchanging the truth, Bernard Goldberg will not only prove you right, he'll give you a glimpse of just how it's done, and how fairness, balance, and integrity have disappeared from network television.

"The allegation of liberal bias in the media is not a new one. However, in this book the allegation is made not by a conservative but by a reporter for CBS News -- an old-fashioned liberal who has seen the bias firsthand. Bernard Goldberg has written a courageous book and told a story that needed to be told." -- William J. Bennett

"A fearless and vitally important book. In exposing the bottomless intellectual corruption within his own industry, Bernard Goldberg does what so many in the mainstream press only pretend to do: he tells the truth without regard to personal consequences. Colleagues will surely accuse Goldberg of treachery, and worse. But it is he, not they, who upholds journalism's finest traditions." -- Harry Stein, author of How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace)

"Bernie Goldberg is dead on. The astonishing distrust of the news media is rotted in the daily clash of worldviews between reporters and their readers and viewers. 'Bias is the elephant in the living room,' said one critic of the news business. After Bernie Goldberg's book, it will be harder not to notice the elephant." -- John Leo, columnist, U.S. News & World Report

The book is full of great one-liners and sad proof of how the news we are fed are filtered through liberal bias, again either intentionally or not intentionally. Goldberg proves that the facts can sometimes look quite different from what we see on TV. Some great examples of his are the AIDS-homosexuality connection and Forbes' "flat tax" proposal in 1996...

Another quite sad but important section in "Bias" is the chapter on "liberal hate speech." Goldberg shows how liberals can get away with anything they wish to say, basically, no matter how offensive and rude. For instance, he quotes Julianne Malveaux as saying on PBS that she hoped Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas would die an early death. That was in 1994. Today, in 2001, she is still featured in newspaper columns and on TV, no one obviously caring about the reprehensible statement she made. Can we picture a Bill O'Reilly saying the same thing about, say, Jesse Jackson? It would be the end of O'Reilly's career, and the ACLU and who not would be suing the heck out of him. Is this fair? No. It's bias. Liberal bias. And that's what Goldberg, a liberal himself, has come to disclose.

There is much, much more excellent stuff in this book, and whether you're liberal or conservative, you owe it to yourself, to your intellectual honesty, to read it and ponder the facts presented therein.

One more thing. You will find negative critiques of this book. But look at what those reviewers are actually attacking: either the publisher (Regnery) or Goldberg himself. Dare anyone deal with the facts presented in the book? No, of course not. People can certainly attack the author, but what they must do if they want to show that the book is a bad one is disprove what the author has presented.

Bernard Goldberg says what conservatives have been saying for years: There is a Media Bias! Furthermore he says explains why there is a bias and why liberals refuse to admit or even recognize their own bias. This book is a must read for any conservative and it wouldn't hurt some liberals to read it either.

Hardcover, 234 pages, 6"x9"

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