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Best Enemy Money Can Buy

Best Enemy Money Can Buy
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The Best Enemy Money Can Buy

By Antony C. Sutton

With mountains of documentation, mostly from government and corporate sources, Sutton shows that Soviet military technology is heavily dependent on U.S. and allied gifts, "peaceful trade" and exchange programs.

The U.S. has built for, sold or traded, or even given outright to the Communists everything from copper wiring and military trucks to tank and missile guidance technology, computers - even the Space Shuttle. The paradox is that we spend $300 billion yearly on defense against an enemy we created and continue to keep in business.

Back in 1973 this author published 'National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union,' itself a sequel to a three volume academic study, 'Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development,' published by the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. These four books are detailed verifiable catalogs of Western technology used and in use by the Soviet Union, acquired by gift, purchase, illegal diversion or theft.

Taken together, these four volumes constitute an extraordinary commentary on a basic weakness in the Soviet system and an equally extraordinary weakness in Western policy making. The Soviets are heavily dependent on Western technology and innovation not only in their civilian industries, but also in their military programs. Technology is, of course, the life blood of modern economic development: technology is the difference between the Third World and the advanced 21st century development epitomized by Silicon Valley in California.

Regrettably, most economists are not qualified to explore the role of technology in economic development. Technology is assumed as a 'given' whereas it is in fact a dynamic factor, the most dynamic factor many would argue, in modern economic development. Similarly, State Department planners, essentially political scientists, are not at home with technology -- sufficiently so that in 1963 State issued papers to the effect that the Soviets and Commerce appear barely conversant with the extent of Soviet 'reverse engineering.' Fortunately, Department of Defense is more attuned to technology and among all government departments is alone aware of the magnitude of the problem to be described in 'The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.'

Click image for Full View of Book The deaf mute blind men -- to quote from Lenin -- are those multinational businessmen who see no further than the bottom line of the current project. Unfortunately, these internationalist operators have disproportionate influence in Washington. Consequently, that fly in the face of all we know about the Soviets are able not only to be heard in Washington, but even form the basis of our policy.

An inevitable conclusion from the evidence in this book is hat we have totally ignored a policy that would enable us to neutralize Soviet global ambitions while simultaneously reducing the defense budget and the tax load on American citizens. Whether we like it or not, technology is a political tool in today's world. And if we want to survive in the face of Soviet ambitions, we will have to use this weapon sooner or later. At the moment the combined efforts of the deaf mute blind men have been successful. Only an informed, aroused electorate has sufficient potential power to count their suicidal ambitions.

Antony Sutton

When it comes to trading with the enemy, multinational corporate leaders act in terms of the political philosophy of the legendary George Washington Plunkett of Tammany Hall: "I seen my opportunities, and I took 'em." Plunkett was defending "honest graft"; our modern grafters have raised the stakes considerably. They are talking about bi-partisan treason." -- Gary North, Ph.D.

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy is one of the most important books published in decades. That isn't hype. It's actually understatement. It is guaranteed to sell lots of blood pressure medicine. Antony Sutton is a truly remarkable scholar. A former Fellow at the prestigious Hoover Institution, he has degrees in metallurgy and economics. His five books on the subject of Western Technology and Soviet economic power remain unchallenged and establish him as the world's foremost expert on the subject. This book, documented in full, must be read." -- Gary Allen

281 pages, Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5
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