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Beatles and Vedic Astrology

Beatles and Vedic Astrology
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The Beatles & Vedic Astrology

by Dean Dominic de Lucia

No doubt the Beatles need no introduction, but perhaps Vedic astrology does. It is an ancient system of astrology which was handed down to humanity from the demigod civilization of celestial beings who are described in the Vedic literature, such as the Puranas. The Puranas describe that these celestial beings were not only responsible for generating humanity itself on our planet, but for fostering the human race by means of knowledge such as the ancient medicinal science, ayurveda; the astrological science; spiritual knowledge; and even knowledge in relation to subtle technologies and mysticism, such as levitation and vimanas-UFOs. Even though humanity has largely been cut off from its celestial progenitors and well-wishers, the astrological science of the ancient Vedic civilization does remain intact, and the reader can practically see it at work in the following interpretations of the horoscopes of the well-known Beatles.

Not only have the personalities and emotional natures of the different Beatles been interpreted, but their life events have been related to the different planetary periods and sub periods of their horoscopes in order to highlight the efficacy of this method of timing events.

Table of Contents

The Horoscope of John Lennon
The Horoscope of Beatle Paul
The Horoscope of George Harrison
The Horoscope of Ringo Starr


Chapter 1

In the summer of 1946, John was separated from his father for good. His mother Julia balked at marriage with Freddie. She remained in custody and father Freddie lost out. Hurt deeply by this double rejection, Freddie went away.

What is the astrological justification for this? Well, John was now in the major Moon period, minor period of Jupiter. The Moon is the maternal orb and Jupiter is the lord of the house of mother, so the mother held sway. Furthermore, Jupiter is a functional malefic as he is the lord of two quadrants and associates with an afflicted Saturn in an evil house, a dushthan. Jupiter's aspect on Venus, the lord of the house of father, could not but harm the relationship.

However, such an afflicted fourth lord shouldn't have given John smooth sailing in relation to his mother either, and it didn't. In the face of Julia's libertine lifestyle John's Aunt Mimi took charge of the boy and forbade her to associate with him. Mostly due to the affliction of fourth-lord Jupiter and the fact that his minor period was operating, John was deprived of his mother's association, too.


Chapter 2

The Beatle's Anthology series (selected songs) was brought out in three parts. The first two came out in the major period of Mars for Paul, the sub period of Mercury. The third and culminating volume corresponded to Mars-Venus. It included a Lennon song which had never been recorded, Free as a Bird, which was first-rate material. The three remaining Beatles did it and it went to number one. Once again, thanks to Venus and yogakaraka Mars, too, Paul performed a number one Lennon song with the Beatles.

On March 11, 1997, he was knighted by the queen. Mars-Venus was the period. Leo on the horizon and a favorable Sun accounts for Paul's respect for tradition and royalty.

April 17, 1998 brought lovely Linda's death of cancer. Saturn's influence on the house marriage accounts for this mode of death. This corresponded to the Mars-Moon period. Mars is a malefic which sits with a feminine planet in the house of loss. From the house of loss, where he absorbs so much evil, Mars fully aspects the house of the marriage partner, the seventh, thus accounting for the loss. Venus, the indicator of the wife, was transiting the eighth house, the house of death, at the time. Jupiter was there, too. Saturn moved into the tenth, practically on the day she passed away, wherefrom he aspected the house of marriage in transit.

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