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Auschwitz: The Final Count

Auschwitz: The Final Count
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The Final Count

Edit. by Vivian Byrd Yockey

A Factual history with scholarly data previously unavailable to the public.

From the back cover:


The very name of the infamous concentration camp in Poland has become synonymous with the period we remember as "the Holocaust."

For nearly 50 years, schoolchildren around the world were taught that "of the six million Jews who were exterminated by the Nazis, four million of those innocent souls died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Now-for the first time ever between two covers-is an assembly of factual historical data about Auschwitz that tells the story of Auschwitz as it has never been told before.

This special anthology, featuring commentary by veteran British writer Vivian Bird, provides a new look at Auschwitz and provides the reader with scholarly information that has otherwise been unavailable in popular format.

Once you've read "Auschwitz: The Final Count", you will never look at the Holocaust, or the history of World War II-indeed, for that matter, the history of the 20th Century-in the same way ever again...

Publication of this volume has been sponsored by THE BARNES REVIEW, a daring historical magazine which, in the spirit of the late Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, founder of the modern-day historical revisionist movement, seeks to bring history into accord with the facts.

113 pages, Softbound

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