As Above So Below Kabalah Aurora - Morning-Redness in the Rising of the Sun

Aurora - Morning-Redness in the Rising of the Sun

Aurora - Morning-Redness in the Rising of the Sun
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in the
Rising of the Sun.

Jacob Boehme
Teutonic Philosopher

THE books of this author, that are already published, declare sufficiently the high worth of his deep writings: But of all the benefits that do accrue thereby it is one inestimable excellency of them that they help the minds of all sorts of people, that will take pains to read and consider them, in the understanding of the holy Scriptures: and that satisfactorily and convincingly, without need of any reference to the vast commentaries of authors, either in the learned or modern tongues.

From the Preface:

. And they will help men to be able to discern the truth in the various expositions and opinions of all parties; also to still the differences, debates, controversies, disputes and contests; that all may be satisfied in a loving, friendly way, and so agree in one and the same truth together.

And among many differences in opinion that spring up there is one weighty and remarkable arisen, since the Light within, and Christ within, hath been pressed more than ordinary; one sort being judged to deny a Christ without, and the other, a Christ within; whereas it might be considered 1 that Christ is not divided, though he be everywhere in all places, and in all things, and yet but once manifested in the likeness of sinful flesh ; suffering, dying, rising from the dead, ascending into glory.

Yet he that is not partaker of the same Christ within, or is not made conformable in his soul and spirit to him in his suffering, death and resurrection, in this life, in some measure, shall never be partaker with him in his glory in the life to come. But if we suffer with him , we shall also be glorified with him at his appearing. Paul's desire to know nothing but Christ 1, and him crucified, among the Corinthians, was not to know them to crucify Christ, but the virtue and power of Christ crucified in them. And if the same Christ that suffered at Jerusalem were not in every one, the wickedest man in the world could not crucify to himself the Lord of Glory . And what Christ did in the flesh once, always had and hath its powerful effect in the spirit of every soul that is united to him within itself, and not otherwise.


113. On the contrary, the devils, with all wicked men, will be forced into a hole, where a hellish stink will well up and rise up, and the hellish fire, and the hellish coldness and bitterness, will burn after the manner of the kindled spirits of God, eternally in their body, as also in their courts, dominions, regions, space or circumference.

114. Nay, if they could be locked in or barred up in a hole, that the angry face of God might not touch them, then they might be quiet and contented, and would not be necessitated to endure eternal ignominy, shame and reproach.

115. But here is no help, their torment increaseth and becometh but the greater; the more they bewail it, the more doth the hellish fierceness or wrath kindle itself, they must lie in hell, as dead bones, like singed scorched sheep in the fire, their stink and abomination gnaweth them.

116. They dare not lift up their eyes for shame, for they see in their circumference, courts or regions, nothing else but only a severe judge; and above them, and on all sides of them, they see the eternal joy.

117. " Not that they apprehend and behold it, " but they have a kind of knowledge thereof in "the Centre."

118. Here is lamentation and woe, yelling and crying, and no deliverance; it is with them as if it did continually thunder and lighten tempestuously.

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ISBN-10: 1610334566
ISBN-13: 9781610334563

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