Astrology Theologised

Astrology Theologised
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Astrology Theologised

by Valentine Weigelius

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THE little work, whose original title-page I reproduce exactly as printed in the middle of the seventeenth century, fairly deserves a place in hermeneutic, and therefore hermetic, literature.

Excerpt from the PREFATORY ESSAY:

Passing inward and upward to the stage next in order, we find ourselves in the presence of the Mercurial kingdom, the winged and the fluidic nature, of which one part is subtle and aspiring as the bird, and the other occult and profound as the fish of the deep. This is the plane of knowledges, chiefly instinctive and sagacious, in opposition to those which are intellectual and spiritual. Mercury enacts the part of the mediator between the higher human soul above and the astrological and vegetative natures below the plane he occupies. In this fifth province of the microcosm consciousness attains to its first responsible degree, and appears as the animated and seeing principle. No longer blind, mute, and deaf, the interior percipience of man is now opened, he appropriates, compares, constructs, reasons. Memory and device manifest and express themselves, the man becomes capable of notice and intelligent operation. Under the direction of Mercury he explores the abyss and mounts the skies; purpose, wonder, and invention mark his progress from the merely organic to the animate, from the rudimentary and embryonic being to the potentially human.

But to become truly human, another, and sixth, mutation is necessary; the philosophic nature must be developed, and this is effected in the labour of the Lunar stage. Our author, following hermetic usage, places under the dominion of the Moon, the province of the intellect or brain, the distinctively human property of the microcosm, not yet made divine by the sanctification of the heart. All writers of the mystic school subordinate Intellect to Conscience, that is, the attribute and expression of scientific ratiocination and thought to the attribute and expression of moral and spiritual rectitude. Mind, even in its loftiest modes and reaches, ranks lower as a factor of Manhood than the charities and sympathies of the Heart.

It is Justice, in its various expressions as the Virtues, that constitutes the best ascendancy of human nature. But this ascendancy belongs only in its fullness to man Regenerate, that is, to those who have sanctified the human by the Divine. The work of the sixth day shows us the completion of the animal nature by the human, that is by the development of the animal in its supremest mode, - the intellectual animal. For it is noticeable that holy Writ places the formation of man side by side with that of the beast in the same category and at the same stage of creation. Had the first chapter of Genesis been penned by an uninspired hand, the distinction between man and beast would assuredly have been marked by a division of plane, and we should have found the appearance of the human race relegated to a separate and successive day, and placed in a wholly different series from that of other creatures.

. The line taken in this respect by the writer of Genesis must be viewed as an evidence of profound occult knowledge. It is in degree and not in kind that the intellectual animal, man, differs from the non-intellectual, the brute. The work of the sixth day, then, shews us the consummation of conscious life in its highest aspect, the evolution of that double or reflective consciousness which is the distinctive appanage of mankind. Lunar knowledge differs from Mercurial knowledge not in range but in intensity. Mercurial knowledges are objective, wayward, speculative, Lunar knowledges are subjective, concentrative, scientific.

The intelligence which operates on the Mercurial plane is that of the child or the uneducated man, the intelligence of the Lunar plane is that of the scientist or the philosopher. Mercurial activity flies hither and thither, distributing itself freely and restlessly throughout a vast environment; Lunar activity is polarised, and exact, weighted with logic, mathematical rather than intuitive. The horse, the elephant and the dog are types of this solid tenacious and discriminative quality in opposition to the furtive and wayward motions of the fish or the bird. Will and reason manifest strongly upon the sixth plane, and uniting with the memory and device of the fifth, result in the formulation of system, Analysis and Synthesis. From the lowermost to the uppermost planes of existence, a steady advance in the elaboration of the consciousness characterises each step.

The vegetative life with its rudimentary consciousness merges into the simple consciousness of the moving and flying creature, and this again into the more complex consciousness of the "cattle and the beast of the field," to find its culmination in the double consciousness of Adam and Eve. Perceptions and knowledges are now evolved in the microcosm which exceed in importance and subtlety all that have yet been educed. These are symbolised by the "cattle and moving creatures of the earth," over all of which, as well as over the "fish of the sea and the fowl of the air," man, the human Intellect, is given dominion.

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