TGS Authors Dorothy Leon An Indigo Struggles To Overcome Drugs

An Indigo Struggles To Overcome Drugs

An Indigo Struggles To Overcome Drugs
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An Indigo
Struggles To Overcome Drugs

Dorothy Leon

If ignorance is bliss, these intuitive shakers and movers are at the other end of the scale. Their quick-thinking, fourth-dimensional methods cause them to be misunderstood, but "by their fruits, ye shall know them." They are the "People of the Seventh Fire," the Violet Ray of Transmutation. The Golden Age cannot fully emerge until this "seventh vial of purification" has been "poured out" by the Indigos.


Alexander, my twenty-two-year-old, 6'6 1/2" grandson, arrived at my home on July 7, 2005. In numerology 2005 reduces to a 7, thus he came on the masterful number 7-7-7. This assured me that it had been divinely planned. His entire name is the mystical number 13; his birth number a 37. (Master numbers, the number 13 and the cipher 37 are not reduced.)

This, plus the fact that his feet point straight ahead, revealed a powerful master soul. (One's feet turn outwardly when the worldly path is chosen.) His father, my fourth and youngest son, Nathanael, also a number 13, brought him directly from the oral surgeon's office, where he'd just had nine teeth extracted. The teeth were rotten due to his drug usage through the years. Alex, needing a place to recuperate, had asked to come to my house, where I lived with my seventy-six-year-old ailing husband and my one-hundred-year-old mother.

It wasn't the first time he had requested my assistance. His soul had appeared in a dream vision nearly twenty-four years previously. At that time I was forty-six and deeply involved in my ministry. He manifested as a delicate six-year-old girl named Alexandra.

When she asked to be born through me, I suggested she become my grandchild by incarnating through my son, Nathanael, who had just gotten married and wanted a child. Later, when Nathanael heard that his expected baby was a boy, he, being intuitive, was impressed with the name Alexander. With this confirmation, I knew it was the same soul. Alex's mother abandoned the family when he was eleven months old. Nathanael, struggling to raise him, tried to compensate for her absence and for his first step-mother, Tammy's, abuse.

Growing up as an only child, without a mother's love and with an over-achieving, work-a-holic father, Alex felt lonely and neglected. (I'd read that neglect can, in some cases, be even more harmful than physical abuse.) His second step-mother, Candy, made a strong effort to befriend him, but at age fourteen, he was already treading the path of rebellion and she, like Nathanael was career minded. Working long hours on a responsible job and not having children of her own, she was completely overwhelmed by suddenly having a rebellious teenage step-son.

When Alex came to recuperate at my place on 7-7-7, he'd been on his own since age eighteen. He'd experienced being in "juvey" jail, due to a teenage robbery, then later adult jail, due to violating his probation. He'd also lived in several different communal "flop houses" and occasionally even been homeless and hungry. Moving from place to place, his ID and belongings had continually been lost or stolen. His ability to hold a job had been as sporadic as his school attendance.

Overly bashful, but deeply compassionate and intuitive, he obviously hadn't yet found himself. Whenever I asked him a question, he merely shrugged his shoulders saying, "I don't know." When I asked why he'd begun using drugs, he said he realized there was more to life than just the physical/material existence and wanted to find it. To some degree he had, for he was quite metaphysical in his thinking.

When he turned fifteen, I'd became concerned. Asking one of my clairvoyant friends about the situation, I was told that at a later time he'd teach and counsel people on an informal basis; that he was learning about the problems of the world so he'd know how to solve them. She suggested I look past his seemingly negative situation, and see him as a tall, straight evergreen tree, assuring me that he had the ability to sway in the breeze rather than snap in the wind. Touched by her imagery, I wrote a poem for him and framed it with bits of cedar, pine and fir. He kept it for years.

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