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Aliens and the American Tragedy

Aliens and the American Tragedy
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Aliens and the American Tragedy
by Ratibor-Ray Jurjevich, Ph.D.


The "Aliens"--as you must have guessed--are the Jewish leaders. (Not the Jewish people, as they have no more influence on public affairs than the equally insignificant Christian citizens in the democracies subverted by Judeo-Masonry.') The Aliens act against the interests of Americans through their secret, semi-secret and quasi-public organizations. Particularly virulent is the unique ethnic Jewish Masonic order of the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant) and its subsidiaries and fronts: Anti-Defamation League, American Civil Liberties Union, American Jewish Congress, American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC, the lobby terrorizing the U.S. Congress) and innumerable Jewish organizations disguised by innocuous names, but designed to keep the non-Jewish Americans in fear and submission. Whoever is unaware of these facts of American life belongs to the huge majority of 99% of U.S. citizens who are hopelessly brainwashed goyim.2

"The American Tragedy"--is the end-product of that process of moral, spiritual, religious, cultural and social deterioration which has been engineered by Jewish leaders and organizations, particularly in this century. The chief architects of America's decline have been those aliens who have shaped U.S. minds and legislation, foreign and domestic policies, education and media, art and entertainment. Like a herd, Americans have been mindlessly following the sly suggestions and the deceptive leadership emanating from Wall Street and Madison Avenue, "social scientists" and columnists, publishers and opinion shapers who--if they did not have Jewish names or background-certainly had Judaized minds. In less than a hundred years, America has fallen from the condition of a moderately Christian and relatively healthy country to the degenerate level of a Judaized fiefdom.

About The Author:
Dr. Jurjevich was born in Yugoslavia in 1915. He started university studies in Belgrade, was awarded a British scholarship, and obtained a B.Sc. in forestry, in 1938, from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon his return to Belgrade, he worked for two years as YMCA secretary for high school and university students, until Hitler's troops invaded Yugoslavia in 1941.

During the German occupation of his country and the civil war (initiated by the Communists), he joined the democratic-nationalist forces of General Drazha Mihailovich. He served as one of the leaders of the Missionary-Ideological Department, which the General established in his headquarters to strengthen the Christian and democratic identity of his movement. When the nationalists lost the war he escaped Titoist liberators, and worked in World's YMCA programs for refugees from Communism in Italy and Germany before coming to America in 1930.

He was employed as a social worker in Chicago and Denver, and earned an M.S. in social group work from George Williams College in Chicago. In 1958, he received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Denver, and served as Chief Psychologist at Mountainview School for Girls, Lowry Air Force Base Psychiatric Clinic, and Denver County Jail. He also carried a part-time practice in psyche-therapy and marriage counseling, going into it full time in 1973.

He received a Diploma from the University of Vienna Medical School for his studies in Logotherapy under the originator, professor Viktor E. Frankl, in 1968/69. In 1977 he moved with his wife, Vera, to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where he continued practicing psychology.

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