Beyond Reality Out of this World Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome

Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome

Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome
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Author Name W. R. Drake, Sean Casteel, Timothy Green Beckley
ISBN 10: 1606110977
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Alien Space Gods of
Ancient Greece and Rome

Revelations of the
Oracle of Delphi

Large Print - 15 pt font

W. R. Drake
Sean Casteel
Timothy Green Beckley

In this study you are now reading, the late Britisher W.R. Drake impressively offers up almost inarguable evidence that the so-called Gods of Antiquity were not just illusionary but were instead real flesh and blood beings who emerged from the sky and made themselves right at home as if this was their world to begin with.



Before setting out on my long voyage across a good expanse of the world, I had heard that the Delphian oracle back in her day had undergone some incredible visions and that politicians, generals, and the upper echelon of Grecian society often journeyed over the roughest terrain, from all over the region, on a sort of pilgrimage or vision quest to have her prophesize for them specifically. I guess just like those celebrities who seek out a specific psychic today, her upper crust clients wanted to know what direction life would take for them. Would they wed a wealthy Greek? Would they live a long life with many children?

Would they be favored by the gods? Would they be successful in battle and survive without battle scars? You must understand that, apart from the Oracle Of Delphi, all other prophets in the territory were men. But the Oracle was special for she was a vessel by which the gods could speak directly to mere mortals. She wasn't one of those who read the entrails of animals or tossed bones to see the future. Pythia, the prophet's actual name, had been hand picked by none other than the great god of thunder and lightning, Apollo himself, to lift the veil between this world and the next. Pythia was herself considered somewhat of a sub-goddess because of her official relationship with the heavenly fold - she was, in short, their official channel on Earth. Nowadays, you have your space channelers who claim to cross paths with Venusians as well as your channels who speak with ten thousand year old Tibetan monks, but the Oracle was the real thing, not your average UFO contactee speaking in tongues in a dugout room beneath Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert. This was true advice from on high (and speaking of "high," as we shall see Pythia might have, in fact, been taking a "hit" of more than just "fresh air" while going through her channeling routine.)

Most channelers who ply their trade in what are understood to be sacred or holy places like Sedona, Arizona - the Delphi of our day - boast a pseudo eminence in society, in that they are often thought of as being priestly and spiritually superior to the average person because of their ability to communicate with a "higher authority." Likewise, the Oracle was essentially the highest authority both civilly and religiously in male-dominated ancient Greece. She responded to the questions of citizens, foreigners, kings, and philosophers on issues of political impact, war, duty, crime, laws. . . and, of course, personal issues. Nevertheless there was a catch.

The Pythia, when about to deliver, would chew leaves from Apollo's sacred laurel tree and would then sit on her holy tripod, seated in the innermost sanctum, over a crack on the rock from where noxious volcanic fumes emanated. Dazed and disoriented, she would then be "possessed by the voice of Apollo" and utter inarticulate sounds before fainting. Only the priests were present there, and they had the task of "translating" her utterances in plain speech. The priests were extremely well versed on the various matters of state, as part of their work was to debrief pilgrims about all that they knew. In addition, no question to the god was ever dealt with immediately. After the query was submitted, several days of prescribed ceremonial protocols had to be observed before Apollo was sufficiently satisfied as to speak through his priestess.

But trust me, we get ahead of our story. I found myself taking the same trek as those who ventured to speak with the Oracle first hand back in the day when the gods walked across the face of the Earth as if they owned it - need I say more?

320 pages - 7x 8½ softcover
EAN: 9781606110973
ISBN: 1606110977

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