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Strange Encounters

Strange Encounters
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Timothy Green Beckley's
Strange Encounters

There are theoreticians who maintain that the presence of UFOs over the half century has given us the necessary inspiration and motivation to forge ahead with our attempt to conquer the universe. Their theory is that we would, as a unified planet, feel more comfortable on a more equal footing.


If such a hypothesis is valid, then without a doubt this wide-reaching effect--probably an unconscious one on the part of those behind the UFOs--will have a tremendous impact in the years ahead. It could even result in far-reaching changes and advancements in our culture.

But what have been the visible effects, if any, on those individuals involved in a personal sense with beings whose existence is still generally denied? How have they been "touched" by such interstellar vehicles and their occupants?

Unrecognized by most researchers is the fact that over the ensuing years, flying saucers have made themselves "known" in a variety of awesome and thought-provoking ways.

Well established are the instances in which unidentified airborne objects have been accused of causing blackouts and power failures. Lights in entire communities, down to the most modest single dwellings, have flickered out due to the approach of a "foreign' apparatus of unknown origin. Ample exposure has also been given to cases in which UFOs have brought to a complete halt automobiles and other mechanical devices. Several well-seasoned UPO researcher--writers have penned lengthy papers on this so-called EM (electromagnetic) effect. What of other, even more bizarre, irrational side-effects, traceable to disturbingly close confrontations with UFOs and their many-faceted crew members?

The news story reprinted as a lead to this article appeared more than 40 years ago, buried away on the inside pages of a widely circulated daily newspaper.

The mere thought that UFO activity might cause a young girl's hair to glow in the dark and change colors, is staggering. Of course, it is impossible to check on the validity of this episode at this late date, but we do have other--equally unusual--tales which lead us to speculate that this experience was indeed not a hoax, a fabrication or a coincidence.

Doubtless this case must be placed in a category by itself--there are no others precisely like it on record. Yet, from the bulging files of clippings and personal eyewitness testimony I have amassed over the years, this particular incident by no means misrepresents the many strange after-and side-effects which can be directly attributed to flying saucer activity.

Despite a new respectability about this topic, there remain many factors deeply ingrained as part of the UFO puzzle which have not been openly publicized. Nor has adequate research been done to explain them. It is a documented, well-established fact that UFOs have affected or been able to alter in some way.

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