Beyond Reality Out of this World New World Order : Prophecies from Space

New World Order : Prophecies from Space

New World Order : Prophecies from Space
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New World Order

Prophecies from Space

Ashtar Command
Carol Ann Rodriguez

It's difficult to believe that it has been over thirty years since the first channeled communications were received via telepathy from the Ashtar Command that ultimately went to make up the first edition of this book, The New World Order: Prophecies from Space.



First off, I should explain to those who are not already familiar with this work that the New World Order of which Ashtar speaks is definitely NOT the same as the NWO that has come to be associated with the negative political and military forces of the ruling earthly elite. This is not your NWO of either the Illuminati or that of the George Bush/Dick Cheney soul sucking administration.

Naturally, we can't make claim that this is the only channeled material out there. This sort of material has been 'filtering through' for ages. Back in the time of the Greek and Roman empires, the Oracle of Delphi channeled Apollo and her list of notables included generals and heads of state. More recently, around 150 years ago a manuscript entitled A Dweller On Two Planets was the rage (it still sells very well). It was 'written' by a young cowboy who tended fences in California. A voice spoke to him that professed to be from Atlantis.

While channeling he drew sketches of Atlantian flying vessels. Remarkably they looked identical to the cigar-shaped craft photographed many a dog eared moon later by the late George Adamski, a contactee who claimed to have traveled in these same type of craft to other planets during the beginning of the New Age movement which started on the West Coast of the U.S. and silently crept around the world. If you want to see channelers in action, head on out to Sedona, AZ the Mecca for this sort of thing, and you might even run into actress Shirley McClain sitting in the Coffee Pot cafè chatting with some metaphysical fans. Now some channelers make a big 'stink' about their ability to speak with outer space beings, or with a five thousand year old Tibetan sage. The messengers may vary but the message is usually the same.

Peace. Love. Universal Harmony, with a dose of good ole philosophical platitudes thrown in. Of course one of the things channels like to do is make dire predictions. They simply love to warn of this or that upcoming catastrophic event. They will select a specific date for an event to occur, and when it doesn't they either 'get out of Dodge' or they come up with an excuse like there was a last minute reprieve due to some unexpected turn of events in the cosmos. The rate of accuracy on the part of the channel whose material is presented in this book - a successful businessman who does not want to be identified due to the stigma attached to being associated with any esoteric topic - is higher than most I would have to insist.

Also, from my own study of the phenomenon I would say that the future is not engraved in stone. We have free will and there are alternative courses history can take, otherwise it would be pointless to try to influence the future in a positive way.

165 pages - 8½ x11; softcover