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Longevity Solution

Longevity Solution
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The Longevity Solution

by Dr. Cass Ingram

To strive to be as healthy as possible is an ideal goal. Health is defined as a state of comfort, where the body functions at an optimal level, physically and mentally. Disease is defined as a state of distress. It is a disturbance, where the body is plagued with discomfort, pain, and disablement.

Modern medicine regards disease as incurable. Often, the proposed cure causes more damage than the disease itself. This has not always been the case. In ancient times numerous condidtions were regarded as curable, plus the cure was natural and relatively non-toxic. The goal was always to cure disease.

Ancient uses are of value, because they provide information about potential cures. Many of today's popular drugs were once used by various now defunct civilizations. In contrast to the environment today the ancients had no vested interest. Medical monopolies did not exist. If a substance worked, they used it. They were free to explore the use of natural compounds... They discovered valuable uses for natural compounds that even today's scientists have failed to discern. Imagine the power of combining the wisdom of the ancients with the sophistication of modern science.

Healing powers

Honey heals injuries. It is particularly valuable against burns, for which medical cures are lacking.

Usually, the thought of a severe bum strikes great fear in an individual. If such a catastrophe occurs, it is crucial that the individual understands the powers of raw honey. Honey's potent action in healing bums has been proven by modem science. New Zealand's Dr. Peter Molan, who has researched honey for over 20 years, claims that as a bum salve it is superior to any drug. In England honey is being used in bum wards. Dr. M. Subrahanyam, a British surgeon, has successfully cured bums in hospitalized patients with raw honey.

The honey worked nine times better than the drugs. In fact, the honey significantly reduced scarring, as well as pain, as illustrated by the following case history: Mr. Z. was the cleaning man for my clinic. He claimed to be a part time handyman, so when his drain became plugged at home, he attempted to fix it. Powdered drain cleaner failed, so he attempted to unscrew the pipes. The problem was, the pipes were full of drain cleaner, so when he released the seal, drain cleaner splattered on his forearm.

He developed a massive chemical burn and his forearm immediately became severely inflamed and blistered. After being evaluated the hospital sent him home with no hope for improvement.When I first saw him, he was in excruciating pain. I treated him with crude, raw honey along with aloe vera cream using repetitive applications.

The honey/aloe dressings eliminated the pain.

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