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How to Heal with Color

How to Heal with Color
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How to Heal with Color

By Ted Andrews

Accelerate Healing with this dynamic Energy Force

When you are "balanced," you can more effectively rid yourself of toxins and negative patterns that hinder your life processes. One way to achieve balance is through the vibrational remedy of color. Colors interact with the human energy system in a unique way to stabilize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

* Develop psychic sensitivity to color vibrations
* Discover beneficial colors for over 50 physical conditions
* Determine therapeutic colors through muscle testing
* Alleviate a headache with color
* Rejuvenate your health and energy with ten color breaths to open the psychic centers
* Project healing vibrations through colored lights, candles, cloths and charged water
* Use colors to balance the charkas

Now, for the first time, color therapy is placed within the grasp of the average individual. Now anyone can learn to facilitate and accelerate the healing process on all levels with the simple color therapies in How to Heal with Color.


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No matter what it is, the important question always is: "How to do it?"

The mind has many marvelous powers-far more than you have ever dreamed of-and humanity has barely begun the wonderful evolutionary journey that will let us tap into them all at will. We grow in our abilities as we do things.

There are many wonderful things you can do. As you do them, you learn more about the innate qualities of mind and spirit, and as you exercise these inner abilities, they will grow in strength--as will your vision of your mental and spiritual potential.

Page 70:
Our thoughts and emotions elicit specific brain wave patterns-electromagnetic frequencies-that can easily interfere with the functioning of our muscles and the entire electrical system of the body. This is why in the fourth chapter we outlined specific emotional and mental attitudes that can cause dysfunctions. They "short circuit" certain physiological processes of the body. Too much negative energy will weaken the muscles. If we test a charka area and find it weak, there is a great likelihood that the physiological systems associated with that charka are also weak. We can use color and other vibrational remedies to balance it and strengthen it.

Muscle-testing gives us tangible feedback about our energies and their health. It is not foolproof, but it provides a starting point for greater self-awareness and responsibility.

Muscle-testing is simple. You do not need extensive knowledge about the body's muscular system to do it. You will need to know the general location of the charka centers of the body. Here's how to muscle-test:

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