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Alternative to Fascism, An

Clayton M. Drinkard

Clayton M. Drinkard is a writer, researcher, and revolutionary activist from Terlingua, Texas. He was instrumental in the defeat of the Big Bend Border Wall and the temporary defeat of the La Entrada al Pacifico NAFTA trade corridor project. He has worked with countless local positive activism projects, including the Terlingua community garden, the Terlingua Green Scene, and the Terlingua Liberation Front, a local revolutionary comedy group. He also plays music and writes songs, doing political revolutionary hip-hop under the pseudonym The Apparent Motive and scofflaw country under the pseudonym Clayton Michael DrinkHard. Current projects involve acting and writing for Last Minute Low Budget productions, as well as the creation of a pirate music band called No Quarter.


Alternative to Fascism, An
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This is a revolutionary work. As such, many statements may anger some readers. However, I will stick to the facts, and never make any misleading statements, nor will I make generalizations based on anything I know to be lies.