Health-Healing Health Studies Cholesterol Hoax - 101+ Lies

Cholesterol Hoax - 101+ Lies

Cholesterol Hoax - 101+ Lies
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The Cholesterol Hoax
101+ Lies

by Sheldon Zerden

The diet-heart-cholesterol dogma is a fiction. It has grown and taken root in the consciousness of American people with the nourishment of those forces in the scientific world, fundraising enterprises, government agencies, academia, industry and others. They have placed profit above truth, and pride above integrity.

Did you know that Americans have spent over a trillion dollars on a Hoax. Sheldon Zerden, with the help of many doctors in his search for the truth has compiled over 100 lies. This book should be read by you and your health advisor. "Dr DeBeakey" famous heart surgeon "Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease" Dr Michael Mann says Cholesterol is the Biggest scam of this century, maybe of all time. The Scientific community after 40 years and 27 clinical trials costing untold billions of dollars, has failed to show that lowering cholesterol with diet or drugs increased longevity.


Author's Note
101 + Cholesterol Lies
The Cholesterol Paradigm
The Cholesterol Myth
The High Cholesterol Diet
Cholesterol Facts
The Food Engineers
Nutrition Nightmare
What Is Cholesterol?
The Diet Dilemma
The Homocysteine Revolution
The Polyunsaturated Peril
Cholesterol or Nothing
Scientists East Up On Fear of Eggs
Why is Animal Fat Bad For Human Beings?

From the Back Cover
The diet-heart-cholesterol connection is a fiction. It has thrived in the consciousness of the American people with the nourishment of forces in the fund-raising community, academia, the government, and the food industry. The motive for maintaining this hoax? PROFIT!

So says Sheldon Zerden, who has seen the myth continue unabated with billions of dollars a year in business. He says that the whole heart-healthy industry has led sane men of science astray and compromised the lives of almost everyone. He says that if the truth were admitted, this profit machine would go down in flames and take the food and pharmaceutical industries with them.

Zerden says that scientists really know that:

  • The reduction of dietary cholesterol does not increase the life of an individual.

  • The people who have the HIGHEST levels of cholesterol live the longest.

  • Including two whole eggs per day has shown no significant effect on serum cholesterol levels of normal humans.

  • Overwhelming evidence indicates that diet has little or nothing to do with coronary heat disease.

  • A diet for children endorsed by the American Heart Association would do serious harm to brain and mental development.

About the Author
Sheldon Zerden is a Stock Broker in New York. He has spent many years researching health questions and putting together the information he has gleaned.

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