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World Orders Old and New

World Orders Old and New
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World Orders Old and New

by Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky takes on the international scene since 1945, devoting particular attention to events following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Chomsky develops a forceful critique of Western government, from imperialist foreign policies to the Clinton administration's empty promises to the poor.

Judged in terms of the power, range, novelty, and influence of his thought, Noam Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive. (New York Times Book Review)

With his customary mastery of the historical record and his command of enormous amounts of source material, Chomsky here debunks the notion that the 'new world order' of Bush and Clinton is different in any essentials from the old world order. . . . Impressive. (The Progressive)

For nearly thirty years now, Noam Chomsky has parsed the main proposition of American power-what they do is aggression, what we do upholds freedom-with encyclopedic attention to detail and an unflagging sense of outrage. WORLD ORDERS OLD AND NEW . . . may be his best book; it's certainly his most concise and far-ranging. (Utne Reader)


Marching in Place
The Cold War and Population Control
New World Orders
A Test Case: Iraq and the West
The Cold War Reconsidered
The Political-Economic Order
Securing the Home Front
Some Lessons of History
"The Government of the World"
The Balance Sheet
Looking Ahead
The Contours of the New World Order
History's "Greatest Prize"
Updating the Monroe Doctrine
Containing the Internal Enemy
The Structure of Power
The Regional Actors
Seeking Peace: Stage One
Seeking Peace: The Interests of the Actors
Seeking Peace: The Recent Phase
Conquering History
The Berlin Wall Falls Again
After the Agreement
Epilogue: Middle East Diplomacy
The Framework of Rejectionism
The Peace of the "Victors"
The Interim Agreement: Jurisdiction
The Interim Agreement: Some Applications
The Interim Agreement: Water
Greater Jerusalem
The Broader Picture
Notes to Chapter 1
Notes to Chapter 2
Notes to Chapter 3
Notes to Epilogue

Paperback, 343pp., 6 x 9