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With Folded Wings

With Folded Wings
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Folded Wings

by Stewart Edward White

From the Author of The Betty Book, Stewart E. White's popular works have been included in our Historic Reprints: With Folded Wings ...

"Walk through your days as a creature with folded wings, conscious of the possession of another element and your ability to enter it."

Excerpt from the Introduction:

THE MATERIAL for this book is drawn from some 2,500 single-typed pages of verbatim records. The latter are made up of communications from discarnate entities we called the Invisibles, mainly through the mediumship of one of us known as Betty. The latter had become a station for this sort of transmission only by dint of a rigorous twenty years of training. This training, according to the Invisibles, war, intended not so much for development in mediumship as a means toward expansion of consciousness. The resulting psychic powers were an accompaniment, a by-product. In themselves they were not the aim. The real aim, it now seems to me, was--and is--a demonstration in attainment of what Bucke named Cosmic Consciousness. But with this important advancement. The examples Bucke cites experienced Cosmic Consciousness as an illumination, sudden and brief. He adds that it is probable that this state, touched only momentarily and by illumination, is the state of consciousness toward which evolution is developing.

The aim of Betty's training, and the experience she encountered in the course of it, might seem to imply that she was demonstrating a step in that evolution. She was exemplifying, in her own person, what is to be the process by which the human soul will gain permanently Cosmic Consciousness. She herself entered it again and again, but only in her trance state. She reported back, and her reports have the same quality and contact that Bucke describes as the "illuminated moment" in the examples he cites. Furthermore, at the very last of her life here she won to that insight, that condition of soul, in her waking state. This laboratory demonstration of our soul's future has a profound significance.


I WANT just to swing on a gate and look at things go by and think how nice the world is and how something exciting might happen. BETTY


SELF-DEVELOPMENT, then, is our first aim in life. I place it first, in time if not in importance, because no coordination of individuals is possible until said individuals are first established. Another priority: before we can do a thing well we have to learn how. And learning how is education.

So it will be profitable to examine what the Invisibles had to say to us, at different times, on this subject. On this subject in general, I hasten to add; for the particular details of our own individual training have been elsewhere set down. What broad principles could the Invisibles suggest to us?

"We will not consider education in any narrow or restricted sense of the word," they once told us. "We endeavor to tell you of the process by which personality comes into being out of the totality of existence; how it gains self-consciousness and vision of its purpose which is its only excuse for being. The cosmic task is to gain self-knowledge and self-control. Individually we need go no further than that our task also is to acquire self-knowledge and self-control, in order that through the exercise of free will we may assemble conditions for the satisfaction of our creative instinct.

"Education, then, in the largest sense, is the assembling of such conditions as will facilitate making habits of right choice, actuated by the creative instinct, and inspired by the disciplined imagination which senses the glory of the Pattern.

"Therefore, the teacher--which includes parents of both sexes--is under obligation to assemble those conditions in which the self-preservative instincts--to state it in its lowest terms--shall find it advantageous to acquire habits that will be of the most practical use to the individual as such, and at the same time the most socially effective.

"Or perhaps," they continued laying this cosmic foundation, "we might define education as the process of gradually changing the emphasis of the underlying instincts from the egocentric to the altruistic.

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