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Witchcraft and the Illuminati

Witchcraft and the Illuminati
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Witchcraft & the Illuminati

by unknown

From a Christian point of reference, this booklet exposes the relationships between Witchcraft and the Illuminati, through the inter-related connections and symbologies.

An excellent resource, even for those not theologically moved towards Chrisitianity.

Quotes from booklet:

"In 1865 Abraham Lincoln wanted to rebuild the South. Lincoln refused to pay off the war debts by borrowing from the International Bankers, and was assassinated by Illuminist John Wilkes Booth. (Presisdent Kenndey was likewise killed, because he reportedly came against the Illuminati's orders.) The Secret Service aided in both murders."

"Though the Illuminati indeed controls the Financial, Political, Civil, Religious, and Social areas of the world, the Illuminati is much more than these groups."

79 pages. 5x8,