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Warrior in Exile

Warrior in Exile
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Warrior in Exile

By Etha Gray

Although the characters are fictional, the "missing time" elements are real. This writer happens to believe that beings from other worlds have visited our solar system, specifically, beings from the Sirius Star System. They may not look exactly like us, but they will, in many ways, resemble us.


It is not my intention that the reader confuse the alien beings referred to in this work as the same angelic beings, appointed by Supreme God to watch over us. The beings in this work are fictional and were created to enhance the storyline.

World governments are now, slowly spoon-feeding the reality of the truth of information about the UFO phenomenon to the public. Some members of the Clergy have confessed that the open admission of such UFO existence would have an adverse effect on World religion, as we know it.

Personally, I think the adverse effect comes with the cover up. I believe that an intelligent public who believes in God, the creator of the universe, will realize that that same Universal God who watches over earth, surely watches over the rest of His universes.

The love for a Supreme Being who watches over all His children, whether residing on earth or residing in another universal space, can only be enhanced with knowledge. It certainly was for me.

I feel that the purpose of current day Sci-Fi movies and programs is to teach us tolerance of others; maybe even preparing us for the eventual meeting. It is an important and much needed validation of what we call UFO and Ancient History facts.

One has but to read the Sumerian Texts to see how closely they parallel to our present day Bible and see that space visitors have been with us for eons. The Bible is bereft with incidents of flying vehicles. Reread the incidents of Elijah being caught up in a fiery chariot and Ezekiel's account of the wheel in the middle of a wheel.

This information is recorded on the walls of the Pyramids; in Aboriginal cave drawings; Navajo and Hopi Indian History; the Anasazi History, The Dogon Tribal History, Mayan History and other cultures. People of India speak of them in their Baghavad Vita and Vedic text. Or perhaps you could study the Olmec culture. There are many places to find this information.

One truly good and reliable source of information is "The Earth Chronicles," researched and written by German archeologist Zecharia Sitchin and "The Sirius Mystery," by Robert Temple. Robert Morningsky's "The Terra Papers" is priceless. The truth of it got him kicked out of college.

If you would dig through libraries among the older printed works, you will see pictures of Antiquity with UFO's in the background. There is one in the background of a picture of The Virgin Mary, painted by Leonardo DeVinci, over the place where Jesus was born.

Just as:: "He who controls the wealth, controls the people," is true. So is the phrase: He who controls the knowledge, controls the minds of the unlearned." Free your mind.

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