Vivenus: Starchild

Vivenus: Starchild
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Author Name Vivenus, Michael Barton, Timothy Green Beckley
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Vivenus: Starchild

Flying Saucer Revelations

Michael Barton
Timothy Green Beckley

I can't in all honesty tell you I believe her story! How can a grown, mature, person with all his faculties con someone into believing they know someone from another planet who is walking our Earth and living amongst us? Science does, after all, tell us life cannot possible exist elsewhere in our own solar system.



Hey, I have a reputation for being pretty straight forward. Some may see me as gullible and overly credulous. Others may think of me as a wide eyed believer of cosmic fairy tales. While a few think I am too "straight laced" in my thinking, and I should drop all credibility and come out full force in favor of just about any lunatic theme you can envision. Basically, I refuse to be caught up in any of the above.

Each case, each incident --every scenario -- has to be treated on its own merits -- including the account of our very human looking alien friend Vivenus.

I first met this very captivating lady several days before she was to appear at the National UFO Conference, convening at the Hotel Commodore in NY the week of June 24th, 1967 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's historic UFO sighting over Mt Rainer, Washington. Several evenings before, she had appeared on the Long John Nebel all nite Party Line on WOR Radio as if materializing out of the blue. It was on this program that she told a stunned host and tens of thousands over the airwaves, how she had arrived on Earth leaving her old body behind on Venus, and stepping off a space ship that had landed in Central Park.

Vivenus was too good to be true. Who from Venus could speak such perfect English I thought. Must be a scam, a product of Long John's frugal mind meant to draw an ever increasing audience to his weird world midnight till dawn broadcast.

But what Vivenus had to say sounded like it was enchanted. It was pure cosmic poetry. Peace on Earth. Love of our fellow human beings. An end to cruelty and an openness toward other beings said to exist throughout the universe. It was like this lovely lady from off world had the capability to put a spell on others so that they too would turn into believers in her exotic cause.

Over 2000 individuals showed up to hear her speak at Jim Moseley's UFO conference. Not a sound could be heard as she delivered her message to the masses. She stayed upon the New York scene for a few months and than started to travel the country to spread her interplanetary scenario far and wide. For several years the faithful wanted to read what this remarkable woman had to say, but Vivenus seemed to find it difficult to put her story down in words until finally she sent her hand written manuscript to me to retype and put out in book form. The manuscript was relatively small, but each word was heart felt. But Vivenus' word were too late as she had been mostly forgotten by time her personal diary of coming here from "there" appeared in print.

Eventually, Vivenus disappeared apparently for good not answering any of her correspondence sent to a post office box in Florida and collected from time to time. The story went idle. Even those that believed had put her and the fantastic tale of coming from Venus out of their minds.

Now after more than a decade we are bringing her story back so the public can be aware of her intentions while she was on this planet.

160 pages - 8½ x 11 softcover