David H. Lewis Universal Oneness

Universal Oneness

Universal Oneness
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Universal Oneness

Beyond Our Galaxy Part Two
By David H. Lewis

Reveals documented proof of alien existence.

From the back cover:

This book is the fourth of a series by David H. Lewis, based on research involving the infinite powers of the human mind and our universal energy. Its contents establish the connection between our normally used powers and the unknown gifted powers from the center of Creation.

The broad scope of this writing includes the secrets and preparation for telekinesis, and to a degree, how it can be accomplished by humans. It delves into the process of levitation, cranial intervision - dealing with the power to read minds, Secrets to the Seven Keys to the Kingdom, reincarnation, the master computer for all universal power and its location. In addition, it touches briefly on teleportation and man's last encounter with Aliens of other worlds, and a review of those now among us.

Much of the contents are taken from the ancient records found in the hidden tomb of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, discovered in June of 1976. Many of the microfilm clips of the metal records are now translated--- and the results are featured in this book. There are, however additional pertinent facts pertaining to telekinesis and cranial intervision, that are not from the ancient records but from authoritative sources that remain undisclosed for all publications.

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The Seven Days of Creation
Time in Relation to Being
Various Creations in the Beginning
The Seven Heavens
Seven Living Planets Below the Heavens
The Seven Puranic Creations
The Seven Civilizations of Earth
The Seven Major Powers of Chemistry
The Keys to the Kingdom
Seven Years of Devastation and the Seventh Hour

The Astral Brain
Power of Telekinesis
Practices of Telekinesis
PSYCHIC Versus Spiritual Healing


Reincarnation Beyond Our Galaxy
Those Among Us
The First To Walk Among Us


What Is Prayer?
Cranial Intervision
Out of Body Transpatory Force

Cosmic Electrodynamics
Space Energy Vs. Human Biological Effects
The Understanding of Space
Probing the Universe
Black Holes of Space

The Mysterious Mayans
Easter Island
Powers of the Alien Mind

Details of Anwar
The Computer Banks
Center Agriculture Discs
The Inner Caverns


The fourth phase of telekinesis, in its mildest form, is now the combined practices of the first three and a fourth step added. Each phase becomes more complicated and inwardly involves more and more energy to supply your efforts of intense concentration.

This fourth step, if accomplished, is near completion and a degree of success. In the beginning, your concentration was focused on producing a light, then to expand it in and out of solitude until it filled all areas of internal thought as it completely surrounded your brain organism. In this stage, such a light that is presently in the confines of your brain, must now be released, for it cannot remain enclosed for long periods... (Brain damage could result.) Re-enter your area of solitude and your concentration now must be on an object. Find a comfortable position, straighten back, arms relaxed at your side and stare at one fixed object. Remain with fixed eyes on the object until all vision is blurred around the object and the only clear vision is the object itself. Once attained, you are now ready for the light. As you remain concentrated on the object, bring forward the light until once again it has filled your brain area. Gradually concentrate that a laser light is leaving your brain, taking with it your thoughts of moving that object, and imagine a piercing ray of light at the base of the object. Do nothing more than imagine during many of the practices that should follow.

There will be a time when an inward feeling tells you, you are now ready to levitate such an object. This feeling will be an inner force, inner words or inner thoughts. If and when this stage is reached, you are then ready to levitate the object, or move it in any direction. Once, again, retrace your practices to the point of the ray piercing around the base of the object. With one giant surge of concentrated power, picture this object moving... either upward or to one side. When you are convinced it has lifted, stop all concentration in the fraction of a second and you will hear the object crash to the surface. Now you know it has been accomplished, but was not possible through negative thought waves. When your powers and the power of the light have succeeded in the initial lifting or moving, larger objects are in store for your collected powers of concentration. With the successful completion of the fourth phase, you have, in reality, reached the point of "mind over matter"' and are capable of other feats through telekinesis. The light you produce in the form of an imaginary laser beam... in time, will cast a faint light on a given object, seen only by you but enough light to be distinguishable as such. The light you produce can be as interchangeable as your thought waves, for it can be a piercing beam, a mellow overflowing light or that of flooding the object. The actual degrees of light are the degrees of the power transmitted. For a simple explanation, a piercing beam at the base of an object will move it or raise it. On the other side of the ledger, such a piercing beam, mixed with another thought process, can utterly destroy this same object in the millionth of a second, leaving no traces behind as solids now change into atmospheric particles. The broader beam is for levitation and the flooding of light is for the transfer of your thoughts into another.

During this entire process of the varied practices, your unknowing power of positive thinking is gradually eased into your subconscious thinking, and once there, it will remain forever. The more concentration you exert, the more active vibrations enter onto the object and into the ether cosmos. No object can be moved without the thought vibrations. If the answer were given you regarding the destruction of an object, we would again have to revert back to vibrations. In simplification all material objects are matter and all matter can be changed... from solid to partially solid. The concentration, the will to destroy, mixed with imagination and the reversal of the light rays... objects such as high rise buildings ships, planes or mountains, can be utterly and totally destroyed, thus this reverse process will remain the secrets of this author and other select few of our world of humans.

To destroy, is a split process of your subconscious and is difficult at best to perform. To accomplish such a task, you must create a force field that when confined and condensed and finally aimed like a laser, you have the power to then control not only the world in which you live, but all the humans on the face of it. Since telekinesis is limited to only a select few, I doubt if such practices will extend to a majority. I might add, at this point, as a matter of interest to all who dare to try, split subconscious concentration is also a death dealing objective... to the giver, if such practices are practiced for extended periods, for here, your brain cavities are too often flooded by the chemical that activates the thinking, along with the fact that too much of the wrong universal power is emitted into this living organism... causing a painful death by an over-active electrically charged brain.

Using telekinesis in the form of moving objects, reading minds through a reverse process or transmitting your thoughts to another, is not against universal laws, providing all transfer of thoughts are harmless to the recipient. Telekinesis, or some forms of levitation, can be partially explained in this manner. A physical body gives off a certain amount of energy in the form of light and color. When in the form of light energy, its mass is reduced by that same amount, divided by the speed of light... squared. Gravity, to most thinking people, seems to be the mysterious force that exerts its influence instantly over great distances. In reality, gravity is not a force at all, but a property of space-time in a three spatial dimension, plus one added dimension of time that cannot be defined.

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