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Today's New Atlantis

Today's New Atlantis
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Today's New Atlantis
By William T. Samsel

Could the true history of mankind actually trail back 100, 000 years?

Could mankind have developed an advanced technological society in the far distant past?

Could "alien" lifeforms have played a role in the evolution and development of mankind? Do tribal peoples retain and preserve knowledge of highly advanced concepts like cyclic time and karmic law?

Could Atlantis be relevant to America and the world situation today?

Is America Atlantis reincarnated?

Could governments and societies today be controlled and manipulated by the same forces that destroyed Atlantis ages ago?

Why do the "powers that be" not want you to know the answers to these questions?

What is cyclic time, the cycles of humanity and the Law of One? Why are people beginning to question social and political systems and the dogma of organized religion?

Could there be a universal law or common thread that unites people, the earth and all living things?

These and other questions are addressed in "Today's New Atlantis."

Are you looking for Atlantis, the highly advanced "ancient" society that destroyed itself through greed and war ages ago? Then look around you and understand that Atlantis is reincarnated in the present society and that you are a citizen of the new Atlantis . . . commonly known as the United States of America! The Illuminati, the Bilderburgers, the Skull and Bones, the New World Order, these are the same forces that destroyed Atlantis ages ago and are presently steering America towards a commercial, capitalist, militarist, global empire!

A look at ancient Atlantis and new information obtained by author that examines the importance and relevance of Atlantis to America and the world situation today. It also examines universal spiritual truths that unite people, the earth and all living things and presents the author's answers for the problems we face.

Excerpt 1

Solon of Athens was a Greek philosopher and statesman, who would later come to be regarded as the 'wisest of the seven sages.' These were seven politicians, who carried the Greek civilization through the critical sixth century BC. In the year 594 BC, Solon revised Athenian law and government. He presented an alternative to forced rule. Today, we regard ancient Athens, as the 'cradle of democracy.'

In 590 BC, when Solon visited the land of Egypt, he traveled through the port of Naucratis and then on to the city of Sais, in the Nile delta. There, he made several visits to the great Temple of that city. During consultations with the Egyptian archivists and Priests, Solon learned of the existence of ancient texts that dated back to a remote and distant past, a past of which the Greeks had no conception!

The Egyptian Priests described to him the occurrence of a great cataclysm. They explained that suddenly, the earth moved and the heavens shifted and there was great destruction and chaos all over the world. They told of how the Egyptian lands had come through that time bearing lesser destruction than most. Therefore, in Egypt, records had been preserved of the ancient times long ago. They went on to describe a great civilization, which had once ruled over most of the world. The people of this truly ancient civilization, excelled in culture, art and technology. This was the mighty and powerful Atlantic Empire, which ruled the world for ages, yet came to destruction by her own hand. Atlantis, her history, and her people were swallowed up by the waters and ceased to exist upon the earth.

It is through Plato, who lived between 427 and 347 BC that the Atlantis legend comes down to us today. But it is not only through Plato. Legends of a great flood and the destruction of an advanced civilization are common to the oral traditions of many "tribal" peoples, all over the world. Within the last two centuries, volumes have been written on the subject. It has inspired historians, archaeologists, geologists, and researchers of all kinds as well as various metaphysicians. Ask anyone you meet and chances are that they are familiar with the story. However, most people consider it to be just that and nothing more. Atlantis is generally held to be myth, story and legend.

I do not expect that you will believe everything I am about to present to you. At this critical point in time, it is extremely important; that we be highly discerning of ALL the information that is placed before us, in all its various forms. Never the less, I ask you to open your minds to the message I am about to present and then weigh it for truth, within your hearts. If the message rings true in both your minds and in your hearts then carry it with you, walk with it and share it with others. I therefore submit to you, what I have come to believe is the truth about Atlantis and the truth about her relevance to the current state of American and world affairs.

Excerpt 2

Native American traditions speak of a time long ago, when the animals talked to the people and taught them many things. This is very true. They still and will teach us if we know how to learn from them! What do they teach us? They teach us about the interconnection of all things, about our relationship to all things. They teach about the cycles of life, about relationship, reproduction, raising our young. They show us miracles and wonders and speak about many of life's secrets and lessons. They teach us about love.

I would ask that you consider the nature of the teachings that are impressed upon the youth of this present day. Do these young people gain a true knowledge and understanding of life and the world around them? Do they learn of their connection and responsibility to the earth, to one another and all other life forms? Do they learn to honor, respect and give thanks for all of creation and all that Creator has provided? Or, do they learn to have interests in other, less healthful areas?

Presently, education has become too focused on job preparation and the advancement of the individual in this materialistic, consumer oriented society. It is all about "programming" and little else. The true values of life and all that relates to it have virtually been lost to the present day education system. Despite the popular belief, injecting ever-increasing amounts of money into the present system will not solve its underlying problems. Neither will placing computers in every classroom solve these problems. Children are no longer being taught truth. They are given no knowledge of true history that would enable them never to repeat it. Herded like sheep through today's educational system, young people are simply programmed to take part in and to help support the societal system, AS IT IS . . . not to become enlightened and responsible adults. They become little more than mindless workers and consumers.

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